Pirate Radio - Pi Zero W project kit
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[RETIRE] Pirate Radio - Pi Zero W project kit

  • Pi Zero W included
  • Amplifier pHat + 5W Speaker
  • Vu Meter (on the pHat)
  • 6 buttons control (on the pHat)
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Pirate Radio - the Pi Zero Wireless Project kit for Audio lover

Do you want to use your Pi Zero W as Spotify box streaming, as an AirPlay Speaker with your iPhone or as an internet radio (to listen to Planet Rock or Slay Radio).

This kit contains the necessary items (see "content" section) to create a Pi Zero W based amplified radio. The kit incluse the Pi Zero W, the pBeat Hat (amplifier + VU meter + interface), a 5W speaker and a nice acrylic enclosure. The assembly instructions should help you to assemble the project (around 30 minutes as mentionned by supplier).

The pHAT BEAT is a stereo amplifier that can drive two speakers -or- a single speaker (by mixing the both channel, thank to the dip switch). The pBeat Hat use I2S Audio amplifiers.

The pHat also include 8 RGB LEDs (APA102) splitted into 2 lignes. This is perfect to create a VU meter ;-)

Finally, the pHat also bring 6 push buttons used to control the software used on the radio. The buttons can be used to play/pause, jump to next/previous track, adjust the volume.

The best for the end, the project is designed to take advantage of the WiFI and Bluetooth interface of the Pi Zero W. No longer need for an USB WiFI dongle.

Add your own microSD card to install and run Pirate radio software.
Pimoroni created 3 differents software projects for the Pirate Radio kit:


  • Pi Zero Wireless
  • pHAT BEAT DAC and stereo amp having VU meter and six buttons
  • Male and female 2x20 pin headers
  • Single 5W 4 Ohms speaker
  • Blue acrylic enclosure
  • USB A to microUSB cable (~50cm)
  • microUSB to USB A female adapter (to add USB device on Pi Zero W)
  • mini HDMI to HDMI adapter (to plug the Pi Zero W on an HDMI monitor)
  • Sticker sheet to personalise your project

 You will need to add your own microSD card.


  • Dual MAX98357A I2S DAC/amplifiers - 3W per channel
  • Speaker terminals: 2x push fit
  • Audio output configuration DIP switch: mixed mono output or stereo output
  • VU Meter: 16 RGB LED (APA102) - 2 rows of 8 pixels
  • Interface: 6 push buttons mounted on the edge
  • Beat pHat recommended software installer and ALSA VU meter plugin
  • Speaker: 5W 4 Ohms
  • Enclosure: 3-layer blue acrylic
  • Pi Zero W - single core CPU, wireless LAN and Bluetooth
  • Adaptor kit
  • 50cm USB A to micro-B cable (power your Pi from an existing charger or computer)
  • Beat pHat Python library
  • Female and male headers require soldering