Raspberry Pi Zero 2 - Wireless + Cam conn
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Raspberry-Pi Zero 2 W MINIMAL pack

  • Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W
  • mini HDMI to HDMI dongle
  • Micro USB to USB type A dongle
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The essential Pi Zero 2 W starting pack

The Pi Zero 2 Wireless is the very last Pi-Zero familly product. It now offers the power calculation of a Raspberry Pi 3.

For sure, with its 4 cores (against 1 for regular Pi zero) and its GPU, this new plateforme will be appreciated for portable retro-gaming projects.

The computing power increase would be welcome in projects requiring lot of computation like facial recognition, autonomous driving robot, detection and identification of objects.

The Pi Zero 2 is still GPIO compatible with the remaining of the PI's familly and is WiFi enabled!

With this Pi Zero 2 W minimal pack you will have the essential items to start playing with your Pi Zero 2.

Just plug a keyboard/mouse or the official Raspberry-Pi keyboard and a 5V micro-USB power supply and you are ready to GGGGOOOOooooo!!!!

You will need some additional product to use this board.
First, a micro SD card to store the operating system and files. Secondly a 5V micro USB power supply. Many of Raspberry-pi user do already have plenty of them in their drawer.


For each order, you will receive:

Some useful accessories

  • A microSD card - used to store the operating system. the 32 Go microSD are now very common and affordable.
  • 5V Power Supply - a quality 5V PSU with microUSB output is highly recommanded. The Raspberry-Pi foundation do have a great one, reliable and est vivement recommandée. La fondation propose un excellent modèle, viable et enduring!
  • USB console cable - when you don't want to plug it on HDMI monitor then the best communication option is the USB console cable. You'll connect it on the Raspberry-Pi GPIO and then you logon on your Pi with a terminal software. This is a very simple way to get connected to your Pi.
  • 2x20 male connector - solder a 2x20 male connector on your Pi Zero 2 and you will be able to connect HATs, GPIO ribbon or a cobbler to make prototyping. You can also use a 2x20 female connector or 2x20 right angle female connector depending on your needs.

Recommended accessories

We would warmly recommend the following accessories to use together with your Pi Zero 2 W.

  • Pi Zero Case - to keep you Pi-Zero safe and secure. We do have several Pi Zero case on ou Webshop.
  • Cobbler - the Pi Cobbler & T-Cobbler would be kindly useful to make prototyping with your Pi Zero 2 W. Before using them, you will need to solder a 2x20 male connector on the Pi GPIO.
    Thank to the cobbler, you will be able to prototype project on breadboard and control LEDs, read sensors states, etc!
  • Ethernet + USB HUB - would allow you to add wired ethernet + USB port on your Pi Zero 2!


Everything learned with the Raspberry-Pi and Raspberry-Pi Zero do apply to the Pi-Zero 2 W.
Raspberry Compatibility
Zero 2 W
512 MB
CPU Frequency
1 GHz
BLE 4.2
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