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Mini AZERTY keyboard - ergonomic - Wireless

AZERTY Keyboard Rii Mini 8 Ergonomic wireless (radio)

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A comfortable azerty keyboard for multimedia applications

Want to add a mini-keyboard to your multimedia system, your Raspberry Pi under XMBC or OpenElec or your beaglebone? You have a Media Center on which you would like to use a smaller keyboard.
Look no further, The Rii mini 8 is elegant, very pleasant to use, compact, really cool but especially affordable.

The Rii Mini 8 AZERTY keyboard is an ergonomic WIRELESS keyboard with an excellent grip. The coating of the keys offers a very pleasant touch. With Rii Mini 8, you have not only a keyboard but also a touch pad (with adjustable sensitivity).  Connected to a mini PC that acts as Media Center (OSMC, Kodi, LibreElec, etc) and a ideal remote control with keyboard and mouse at an affordable prices. The sleep mode (energy saving) will increase the battery life and keyboard has a instant wake-up key.

You plug the keyboard's receptor USB key on your computer, Raspberry-Pi or other then turn on your keyboard... That's it, it is ready to be used as soon as the communication is established between the keyboard and the USB module (which may take few seconds).
The keyboard uses a 2.4Ghz Radio Frequency communication method and transmits its information to the receiving key (included inside the keyboard). This key is perceived by your computer / Raspberry / Media Center as a keyboard+mouse device, it is the reason for its popularity.

The indicators LEDs let you know: if it is time to recharge the Lithium battery, if the battery is charged and finally if the keyboard is able to communicate with the USB receiver (up to a distance of 10m).

Finally, at MCHobby, we specifically selected the model witg an USB key receiver (Radio-Frequency receiver). This keyboard is not a Bluetooth keyboard... which eliminates many potential compatibility issue, drivers issue and install issue, etc. Just plug the USB key receiver and use it :-)

The keyboard's battery is charged via the USB cable (4.2v-5.05V, current < 300mA).

Tested and works perfectly with Raspberry-Pi, computer and nano-computers: only uses a USB port for mouse and keyboard.
If you use this keyboard on a Raspberry, you will have to choose an azerty keyboard when configuring your distribution. See this tutorial (wiki MCHobby) for the procedure, the net is also full of advise.


  • The 92 keys AZERTY keyboard
  • The USB key receiver (2.4Ghz, this is not a Bluetooth keyboard).
  • A mini USB cable (to charge your keyboard on a USB port),
  • A Lithium battery.


Computers (Windows - Mac - Linux), Mini PC (Android - Beaglebone - Raspberry Pi), Smart TV (except Sony et Samsung D series, EH)., Console (PlayStation 3 - PlayStation 4 - Xbox 360 - Xbox One). CFR: manufacturer's information.

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