Global Shutter camera for Raspberry-Pi - C/CS-Mount
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Global Shutter camera for Raspberry-Pi - C/CS-Mount

Global Shutter camera for Raspberry-Pi:

  • 1.6 MegaPixels
  • C-Mount support
  • CSI flat cable
  • Sony IMX296 sensor

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Global Shutter official camera for Raspberry-Pi, C/CS-Mount, removable lens

"Global Shutter" cameras allow incoming light to strike the entire sensor and be sampled in a single operation (a fraction of a second).

This type of camera makes it possible to capture an object in the moment with sharp images even if the object is in motion.
This capture method makes it possible to obtain an image without distortion, which is very important in the industrial world where it is necessary to be able to capture images of moving objects (for example barcodes on scrolling boxes).

Given that the capture must be carried out in an instantaneous operation, the number of sampled pixels is necessarily limited! This is why the definition is limited to 1.6 MegaPixels.

This camera is ideal for capturing an accurate image of fast moving objects, sports photography, machine vision, automated driving, laboratory automation, medical technologies.

The Raspberry-Pi feature the following:

  • 1.6 MegaPixel (sony IMX2296)
  • 1440 x 1080 Pixels
  • 60 fps, global shutter
  • removable lens (support C/CS-Mount)
  • Made with aluminium.

This new camera still uses the CSI interface like all other Raspberry-Pi cameras. We have here a camera capable of producing a sharp image with a resolution of 1440 x 1080 pixels. Video capture will also be present as on previous models up to 60 fps.

This C/CS-Mount support allows you to place the lens of your choice. The standard C/CS-Mount are widely used in the world of vision, it is easy to obtain.

The sensor is visible on the bottom of the base made of machined aluminum and have a C/CS-Mount adapter, this sensor is protected by a transparent piece. This protective element is rarely present on inexpensive models, a failure that is the cause of many defects. With an official camera, we rely on a high quality and reliable product.

Finally, the camera module also has a mounting nut, also a standard in the photographic world, which allows the Global Shutter Raspberry-Pi Camera to be fixed on a tripod support or any other support exposing the same standardized 1/4" screws.

With the Global Shutter camera, the foundation now addresses the world of digital vision. We can expect to see this type of camera on sorting lines, automated vehicles, on-the-fly capture systems, etc.
In case of image storage, it will be necessary to provide a high-performance storage device to reduce the latency time (A RAM disk or a USB storage device).

Global Shutter vs Rolling Shutter

Global Shutter capture is already described. Now, if you want to be able get a wider image (say 12 MegaPixels) then the global shutter is too limiting.
We then use a rolling shutter (a curtain capture) where the image is captured in a vertical section from one side to the other with storage in memory of each of the sections (like a curtain that is drawn from left to right ). If this operation is relatively fast, it is incompatible with moving objects because they then appear blurred or with visual aberrations.


For each order, you will receive the official Camera Global Shutter and the CSI ribbon.
The C/CS-Mount lens is not included but you can easily find them.

Getting started

Before connecting the camera, your Raspberry-Pi must be turned off and disconnected from its power supply. This product is naturally sensitive to electrostatic discharge. Please handle it under the proper conditions.

Technical details


  • 1.6 MegaPixels (sony IMX296)
  • 1440 x 1080 Pixels
  • 60 fps, global shutter
  • removable lens (C/CS-Mount support)
  • Made of aluminium.


  • Back focus: adjustable back focus
  • C/CS-Mount lens
  • Integrated Infrared Filter
  • 200mm Ribon
  • Tripod support 1/4"-20, machined aluminium


  • compatible qith all Raspberry-Pi depuis models from 1 B (a special adapter cable is required for Pi-Zero)
  • Requires Raspberry-Pi OS update to handle this new sensor.

Technical details (pdf, Fondation Raspberry-Pi)

Documents & Tutorials

This official camera does work as any other Raspberry-Pi camera.

Raspberry Compatibility
Zero / Zero W, Pi 3A, Pi 3B+, Pi 4, Pi 5, Zero 2 W
PiCam Compatibility
HQ-C/CS mount
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