Springton prototyping Hat (spring's based header) for Raspberry-Pi
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Springton prototyping Hat (spring's based header) for Raspberry-Pi

Springton Prototyping Hat for Raspberry-Pi

  • For Raspberry-Pi
  • For PYB405 ( MicroPython )
  • spring terminal
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Make the rapid prototyping fast and easy on Raspberry-Pi thanks to the spring terminals

Among the many ideas under the hood at Garatronic, there is this spring terminal, a really nice idea to speed-up the prototyping and experiment.

Need to test a solution quickly? Here is a product that will change your prototyping experience with the Raspberry-Pi and also with the MicroPython PYB405 board (which also use a Raspberry-Pi GPIO).

No more need of an iron... or a screwdriver... just need to insert the wire into the terminal and it is maintaint by the inner spring. To release the wire, just push on the orange lever and the spring retaining the wire is disabled.

Just easy. You only need to stick the pinout numbering of your choice (as needed, PYB or Raspberry-Pi).

PYB405 or Raspberry-Pi

This product is shipped with several  pinout sticker. The first time you use it, you decide wich will be the final application of the product by selecting the appropriate sticker!

The sticker color identify the pinout type:

  • Red: GPIO number for the Raspberry-Pi
  • Gray : Pin number (from 1 to 40)
  • Blue : the MicroPython PYB405 pin assignation

Right or left GPIO numbering

Quite unusual, this product includes a double pinout numbering sticker. Being right numbering means having +5V on the top right.

  • RIGHT numbering: to use it as a regular GPIO extension (+5v on the top right, see picture), like any other board/hat plugged on the top of the Raspberry-Pi. This numbering would also be suited when the board is placed on the right of the GPIO (not over the Raspberry-Pi)... please note that this sticker must be placed once you decided own to use the board.
    Even better, when using the GPIO replicator with this product, it is possible to have a HAT on the top of your Pi (eg: a TFT screen or LCD) and the this product on the other side of the GPIO thanks to the replicator :-)
  • LEFT numbering: in this situation, the +5v is placed on the top left of the terminals. This suite of sticker are used when a gpio ribon in inserted between the Raspberry-Pi GPIO and this terminal board. Someone did finally made something to support that usecase!


For each order, you will receive the spring terminal assembled on the board, the screws (spacers, screws), and the stickers. Raspberry-Pi, GPIO rinon, etc are not included.

Raspberry Compatibility
Zero / Zero W, Pi 3A, Pi 3B+, Pi 4, Pi 400, Pi 5, Zero 2 W
Interface : Connector