HAT eInk displau  (large) - PaPiRus ePaper
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HAT eInk display (large) - PaPiRus ePaper

  • eInk display
  • Diagonal 2.7"
  • 264 x 176 pixels
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A 2.7" eInk / ePaper display for Raspberry-Pi

PaPiRus is a Pervasive Displays designed by Pi-Supply as a HAT module for the Raspberry Pi.
The hat is capable of driving ePaper displays of various sizes. It is easy to use with the existing open source RePaper codebase and examples.

ePaper is a display technology that mimics the appearance of ink on paper. The ePaper reflects light just like ordinary paper and can hold the text and images indefinitely without electricity.
Because of this, ePaper displays is very well appreciated for single board computers or microcontrollers application because of the very small amount of power needed to bring a display to your project.

This product is the HAT compatible display breakout for hackers who want to start playing with small ePaper / eInk displays in their Raspberry Pi projects.

The board hold a lot of driver circuitry required to keep the display running smoothly and an EEPROM for HAT compatibility and easy plug and play operation with the Raspberry Pi. All the signals are broken out to a 40 pin female header. The included display offers a 2.7″ diagonal  true ePaper / eInk graphical display with a resolution of 264 x 176 pixels. The display does not require any power to keep the image. The image will stay on the screen without any power connection for many days before slowly fading. The ePaper display are daylight readable and offers a very high contrast. This makes it excellent for data-logging applications, outdoor displays or any other ultra-low power usages.

The good news is that rePaper/PDI have provided a suite of example code for the Raspberry Pi. Tons more information including wiring diagrams, datasheets & and links to example code at rePaper!

PaPiRus GitHub Repo : https://github.com/PiSupply/PaPiRus


  • The contrôleur board
  • eInk display
  • Nylon spacer

Raspberry-Pi not included (those items are used to demonstrate the usage of the ePaper display).

Data sheet