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Frozen case for Raspberry-Pi - semi-professionnal

Frosted and transparent case - Pro/Semi-Pro application around the Raspberry Pi 3 (compatible), Pi 2 and Pi B-PLUS

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A semi-transparent case for Semi-pro/Pro installation based on Raspberry-Pi

Among all the cases for Raspberry-Pi, this base + cover case has particularly caught our attention with its very PRO approach.

To begin:

  • The finish is really neat.
  • It will allow you to place your Pi 3, Pi 2 or Pi B Plus safely.
  • Compatible Pi 3 (because semi transparent)
  • It has enough place to accommodate an expansion/prototyping card
  • It is equipped with slits to be able to output a ribbon (for a Pi-Cobbler Plus) and the camera Pi.
  • The Pi is kept in place with fixing screws.
  • The cover is also kept in place using screws (from the back).
  • A slit is also provided to insert your micro SD card (it doesn't exceed the box).

On the other hand, this case also makes it possible to realize professional applications/products based on Raspberry-Pi 3, Raspberry-Pi 2 and Pi B+ because: 

  • The case is closed with screws (no clips, screws)
  • It has fixing holes to hang the case on a surface... see 4 holes provided for a final fixation of the case.
  • Optional - It is possible to protect the SD card with a special cover (see exploded view, available soon)
  • Optional - It is possible to hide the USB/Ethernet ports with a special cover (see exploded view, available soon)
  • Optional - It is possible to hide the HDMI connector, Micro USB, Jack with a cover (see exploded view, available soon)
  • Optional - Need more space in the case, you can acquire a spacer between the base and the cover (see exploded view, available soon)


  • Two part case for Raspberry-Pi 2 and Pi B+
  • Integrates a special piece to guide the light of the LEDs to the outside of the case.
  • The cover is transparent for the frosted case, opaque for the other cases.
  • Location to extract the SD card.
  • Slit to let the GPIO 40-wire ribbon go
  • Slit for camera Pi
  • Matt finish.
  • Wall mounting possible (suspension and fixing)
  • Pi kept in place with 4 screws
  • Optional cover (dust protection or connector protection).
  • Optional spacers - 10mm, take place between the base and the cover (the spacers are stackable)
  • Available in several colors (frosted, white, black, blue, pink)


  • Opaque plastic base (frosted effect).
  • Cover (with transparent area)
  • 4 fixing screws for the cover.
  • 4 fixing screws to hold your Pi in the case.

The Raspberry-Pi 2 and Pi B Plus and optional items are not included (only used for illustrative purpose).

HiFiBerry - Tips & Tricks

Back customer, we learned that this semi-pro case offered a very interesting alternative for HiFiBerry sound cards (leaving space). You will have to remove your tools to make output holes for the RCA plugs. An easy operation to do with a simple drill ;-)

Raspberry Compatibility
Pi 3B+
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