Makerspaces map

The makerspace map

What is this ?

The makerspace maps aggregates as many information as possible. This map will help you to localise "Maker" activities near you, your company, etc. We had gather CoderDojo, MakerSpaces, HackerSpaces, FabLab,  Radio Amateur and maker's club allt at the same place. don't hesistate to contact us to add a new entry.

How to use it?

The map is intuitive, as any map on internet. Do not hesitate to have a look on our blog's article.

Add/fix an entry

Our ablog rticle sur le blog à découvrir ici décrit les éléments à communiquer! Nous nous ferons une joie de compléter cette carte.

Please, contact us with the help button (at the bottom of the website) and send us the following information

  • Name - The name of your space
  • Address - Country, adress, town+ postal code
  • WebSite - Internet website, blog, facebook page, etc. A place where poeple can have a look to your activities.
  • E-mail - Contact E-mail
  • Kind - Make a choose among the following: Coderdojo, Makerspace, Fablab, Hackerspace, RadioAmateur (club), Club (maker's club)
  • Note - Add useful information about activities, schedule, organization, etc. 

Interactive map of maker in Belgium