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Multimeter Case 111 x 82 x 38 (G1202BC)


Multimeter case (smooth face)

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The G1000 cases serie are looking like  a multimeter case and/or display console. The case own a  compartment for batteries (eg: for a 9V square battery).

The "display part" of the case is filled, so you can cut it out (at the desired size) if you want to use it -OR- leave it "as it" tto keep the case entirely closed..

The top and bottom part of the case are assembled with 4 screws. The case is delivered with 4 caoutchouc pieces used as anti-slip foot.

This box offer a convenient spacing for microcontroler or Pi-Zero based project. It fits in the hand and is very pleasant to hold.

Note de MCHobby:
Firstly, the case is very nice to handle, use it horizontally for best experience (we think so). It is a very beautiful case with a smooth face. The smooth face is convenient to create multiple openning (as desired) for placing controlers, displays (eg: this also works with the TFT Shield 2.8" for Arduino), interactive interface, placing a 4x4 membrane KeyPad is even possible.
With 38mm height (almost 4 cm) you have enough space inside for components and wiring with keeping it still thin enough for a confortable hand's grip.

Technical detail

  • Material: ABS
  • Size: 110 x 82 x 38mm
  • Note: display zone filled (you can open it, cut it, drill it).
  • Note: compartment for batteries (free for use).
  • Color: BLACK


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