Prototyping board for Hammond 1551case
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Prototyping board for Hammond 1551case

Prototyping board

  • for Hammond 1551 case
  • 74 x 74mm
  • microUSB footprint
  • for DC/DC regulator
  • Qwiic/StemmaQT conn.

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A smart prototyping board for Hammond 1551 case

We do like the Hammond 1551 case because of its styling. It is a semi-transparent case, made in plastic (so can be machined), do have ventilation openings and can be sit on a desk of hang on the wall. That case is clearly oriented toward environmental sensoring application. As it can be screwed on a wall this case also offers a pre-cut opening on the back (so it can be wired from the back of the case). The case is affordable and contains enough room to fits Arduino/MicroPython/CircuitPython projects with a really neat aspect (like a pro).

As not all the Maker do feel comfortable with PCB creation, we decided to make a prototyping board tailored for the case.
We did add some useful feature that may be quite handy for many of your projects.

  • microUSB Footprint: if you want to power-up your project via microUSB then you can solder this component right in place (included)
    The footprint also breakout the D+ and D- signals (to communicate with a host).
  • Power terminal: you can power a project up to 12V when using appropriate regulator.
  • Power breakout: Breakout d'alimentation: le bornier est repris au centre de la carte, près du trou permettant un raccordement mural.
  • Regulator Footprint : if you need to get 5V power from external power then you can solder a  Pololu D24V6F5 DC/DC regulator (not included) to generate 5V from external DC power source (12V max). The Shutdown signal is also breakout to a 3 points footprint. Solder a slide switch and you will be able shut-off your projet easily.
  • Qwiic connector: the Qwiic connector from SparkFun is also named StemmaQt at Adafruit Industries. This connector brings I2C bus + Power. This connector made easy to connects expansion board and add-on. A Qwiic connector is included in the kit, just solder it on the footprint to get it ready to use, signals are available at 2.54mm spacing next to the connector.
  • 5V (VSys) & GND rails: two small rails (4 points each) can be used to power components of the project.
  • The case fixture openning are drawed on the silkscreen. So you know where screws could possibly been under the prototyping board.
  • 4 holes and screws: to secure the prototyping board into the case.

Important notes: WHEN soldering either the microUSB, either the Terminal, either the Qwiic connector THEN you will need to manage opening on the plastic case.


For each order, you will receive the board and additional items (to solder depending on your needs):

  • The board
  • The power terminal (to solder)
  • The Qwiik connector (to solder)
  • microUSB female connector (to solder)
  • 4 screws to secure the board in the case.

Depending on your need, you may be interested by the following items (not included):

The Hammond case is not included but you can find it here on our shop.

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