Bluefruit LE Sniffer - Bluetooth Low Energy - nRF51822
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[T] - Bluefruit LE Sniffer - Bluetooth Low Energy - nRF51822

Bluefruit LE (Low Energy) Sniffer - BLE 4.0 - nRF51822 - V1.0

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Interested in knowing how Bluetooth Low Energy works? Up to the level of data packets? Need to debug your own BLE hardware and try to pinpoint what's wrong? Or maybe you are writing a custom application for your phone and tablet that needs to chat with an existing BLE peripheral, but you don't know how it works under the hood?
Here is the perfect tool for you!

This Bluefruit LE Friend is programmed with a special FirmWare which transforms this module into a sniffer "Bluetooth Low Energy". You can capture (passively) the data exchanged between two BLE peripherals, and push the data into the Wireshark software (open-source network protocol analyzer) where you can view the exchanges at the packet level, with useful descriptions allowing you to make sense of the scrolling before your eyes without having to open the specifications document Bluetooth 4.0 (2000 pages anyway).

Connect this module to your development machine, start the sniffer bridge software, select the device you wish to spy on, it will start Wireshark for you and establish a data flow to push the data into Wireshark (using Windows software from Nordic). The sniffer bridge software can also save the data in a pcap file in order to perform a delayed analysis using Wireshark.


You can only use this module to listen to Bluetooth Low Energy peripherals! It will not work with Bluetooth devices (conventional). Nordic Wireshark sniffer software are only available on Windows. Adafruit offers example codes using the python API which will work on all OS to log data to a pcap file for analysis (which allows you to use the sniffer's capture capacity on any OS with Python).

The sniffer firmware cannot be used with the "Nordic DFU bootloader", which means that if you want to reprogram this peripheral you must use a J-Link + SWD adapter! It's not possible to reprogram "over-the-air" (via bluetooth).


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