Micro SD adapter - 3V version
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Micro SD adapter - 3V version

Breakout SDIO, micro SD SPI

  • SD SPI or SDIO
  • 3V only !
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Breakout to add a SPI SD or SDIO SD (3V only)

It is common to use Micro SD cards with microcontrollers: SD cards are inexpensive, durable, easy to find, available in many different sizes and can also be plugged on any computer to read and write files (via a card reader).

So SD cards are perfect for data storage, retreival and also data transfert accross different systems. SD card can own pictures, graphics, audio files, fonts as well as datalogging files.

This breakout helps to wire up SD to a 3.3V microcontroler: just wire it the SPI port of your MCU then wire the chip select to a Pin. When done, use the appropriate library and then you are ready to read/write file to an SD card.
Please note that SD Interface will only use one data line so the transfert speed is limited and may appears a bit slow compare to SD reader on a computer. Even with fast SPI ports, the only one data pin will be a buttle-neck for large data stream transfert.

If you reach the transfert limit with the SPI usage then you can also consider to use this breakout with SDIO hardware support. SDIO uses bidirectionnal multi-pins data protocol (up to 4 data lines) which can clock the data transfert faster than SPI (you can expect to double read speed with SDIO).

Please note that SDIO is usually available on higher end chips (on specific pins). You will need to verify that your microntroller has SDIO support and you have SDIO firmware/library support as well. If SDIO support is not available then the SPI mode can still be used.

Please note that this board does not have level shifters so it can only be used with 3.3V microcontroler (not compatible with 5V microcontrollers).

Comes with a bit of header so you can use in a breadboard. Doesn't come with the micro SD card itself!

Technical details

  • Dimension: 25.4mm x 22.8mm x 3.5mm
  • Weight: 2.5gr

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