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3x SMD breakout QFN-32 / TQFP-32


3 x breakout board for QFN-32 or TQFP-32 components

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Breakout board for QFN32 or TQFP32 component

Seduced by a brand new component which is unfortunately only available for 32-pin QFN or 32-pin (T)QFP! This breakout board will make your life significantly simpler and allow you to prototype faster than ever.

One side has 32 QFN traces up to two rows with 2.54mm impaction (ideal for breadboard or prototyping board).
The other side of the board is equipped with 32 TQFP traces.

Weld your chip/component on one side (or the other) and you are ready to use it on any breadboard.

For each order, you will receive 3 boards (PCB), all the boards are identical and can support either QFN 32 or TQFP 32.


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