RFM69HCW Transceiver Radio Breakout - 433 MHz - RadioFruit
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RFM69HCW Transceiver Radio Breakout - 433 MHz - RadioFruit

  • RFM69HCW at 433Mhz
  • SX1231 based module with SPI interface
  • 50mA to 150mA
  • ~30mA during active radio listening.
  • Packet radio with ready-to-go Arduino libraries
  • Uses the amateur or license-free ISM band (ITU "Europe" license-free ISM)
  • Use a simple wire antenna or spot for uFL or SMA radio connector
  • 500m to 2Km, even 5 (depending on the Antenna)
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Transfert data over a long distance from 500m to 5 Km with a

RFM69HCW 433 MHz radio module

It is really magic to transport data over a long distance with this radiofruit easy-to-use. For sure, it exists alternative like the WiFi to talk with a computer, Bluetooth to talk with you phone but what about if you want to transport data over a longer distance? In general matter, the WiFi, Zigbee, Bluetooth and many other radio chipsets use 2.4GHz bandwidth. It is great for watching video because the data rate is very high but in the other hand, the maximum distance to transmit the signal is limited. However, it is also possible to reduce the radio frequency and that will allow you to transmit the data on a more longer distance but at a quite lower rate.
The lower license-free frequency at 433 MHz or 900 MHz can be used to efficiently transmit data over a long distance with packet radio.

For sure, packet radios transmission are more simple than WiFi or Bluetooth Low Energy BLE. No need to scan networks , pair with phone or to setup WiFi connexion. With packet Radio you can spread the data to the air without worry. All the other module listening on the same frequency (and using the same encryption key) can receive the message. After, the receiver board can send a reply.

The breakout board hold a specialize circuit that handle packetization, auto-retransmission and error correction.

These breakout work great with microcontrolers (like Arduino). It can be used to collect data in the neigborhood or the town. The constraint with such module is that you need at least 2 breakouts (emiter and receiver, but you can use mores breakout) but they must all have the same frequency.

The packet radio modules exists in 4 flavours:

  • 2 types of modulation: RFM69 & LoRa
  • 2 frequencies: 433 Mhz & 900 Mhz

The RFM69 modules are the most simple to use. The RFM69 is well known and well understood (LoRa is more powerful but also more expensive).


This product is RFM69HCW at 433 MHz frequency! Packet radios module +20dBm FSK modulation including nice extras like encryption and auto-retransmit. With a simple wire antenna, this module can reach at least 500 meters (in clear view area), by using a directional antennas (and tweakings the settings), it should be possible to reach 5 km.

  • RadioFruit breakout based on SX1231 (SPI interface)
  • +13 dBm to +20 dBm (up to 100 mW Power Output Capability, power selectable by software)
  • Transmission current: 50mA @ +13 dBm, 150mA @ +20dBm
  • Listening current: ~30mA (active listening)
  • Range of approx. 500 meters to 5 Km. Depending on obstructions, frequency, antenna and power output.
  • Allow to create multipoint networks with individual node addresses
  • Encryption: packet encrypted with AES128
  • Ready-to-go Arduino libraries
  • Antenna: use a simple wire antenna. Allows to solder a µFL or SMA radio connector

Uses the amateur or license-free ISM band (ITU "Europe" license-free ISM)

Technical information