Power Switch Tail 240V AC
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Power Switch Tail 240V AC

Tranform a power cord or multi-plug socket into a microcontroler's controllable power plug.

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Transform a power cord (or multi-plug) into protected relay module for microcontroler or nano-computer

The Power Switch Tail is a nice alternative to slice power cords in order to wire up your own protected relays in the middle of the cord. It can be place in the middle of the 220/240V AC power cord (or multi-plug word) and open/close the power with a relay board embedded inside a protective case. Control to the relay using two screw terminals and activate by providing a 3 to 12V signal (3mA current draw at 3V, 30mA at 12V). The relay can switch 15 Amp resistive loads like light, heaters, small boiler, lights, etc. A LED indicator on the box indicates the state of the relay (useful for debugging).

This product is ideal for people making their own controllable lights, SMT reflow plates, small heaters, coffee machine and home automation, etc.

The Power Switch Tail is opto-isolated. It act like a LED does and it is save to use with your micrcontroler or nano-computer with a single logic pin.

Using with High voltage

The Power Switch Tail safer is a safer alternative to wiring up your own relays. Once enclosed within the box it is secure to use without risk of electrical shock. By the way, it still requires common sense and knowledge of electrical circuits. Stay within the rated limit of the relay and de-rate properly when not using resistive loads. Do not leave DIY electrical projects unattended or where they can get wet! This product is intended to be used by advanced hobbyists who are comfortable working with power supplies.


For each order, you will receive a Power Switch tail as a kit to assemble. Some soldering operation will be required to assemble the board. This operation may take up to 20 minutes.
When solder your power cords, G is for the Ground, N for Neutral connexion (this line is not cutted by the relay). L is the line going through the relay.

Technical details

  • AC input: has to be wired on your electrical power cord with male connector.
  • AC output: has to be wired on your electrical power cord with female connector.
  • Switching capacity: 15amps @ 240vac. Limited by the board (not the relay).
  • Life expectancy: 100,000 operations @ 15 amps, 220vac, resistive
  • DC input: 3vdc (3ma) to 12vdv (30ma), terminal block accepts 14 AWG (1.95mm²) wire.
  • Operate times: 15 ms max actuate, 10 ms max release.
  • DC to AC circuit isolation: 5300Vrms.
  • Indicator: LED indicates when dc side is energized.
  • Protection: AC side protected with 250vac MOV (varistance); DC side is transient free.
  • Mounting: Two #6 screws on 2" x 2.5" grid.
  • Assembly instructions (PowerSwitchTail, pdf, english)