VS1053 Codec + MicroSD - MP3/WAV/MIDI/OGG Play + Record - v4
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VS1053 Codec + MicroSD - MP3/WAV/MIDI/OGG Play + Record - v4

  • Play audio file MP3/WAV/MIDI/OGG
  • Record audio
  • Micro-SD connector
  • Jack audio output (and breakout)
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Une carte audio MP3/WAV/MIDI/OGG + Enregistrement + MicroSD

Here is the ultimate board designed around the VLSI VS1053B DSP codec chip. The VS1053 chip can decode many audio formats such as MP3, AAC, Ogg Vorbis, WMA, MIDI, FLAC, WAV (PCM and ADPCM). The board can also be used to record audio at PCM (WAV) or compressed Ogg Vorbis format. The chip can do a lot of stuff with the audio as adjusting basses, trebles, and volume (all in a digital way). The 8 GPIO pins available on the board can be used for lighting up small LEDs or reading buttons.

All the functionalities are available through a light-weight SPI interface so nearly any microcontroller can play audio from an SD card. It is also possible to boot the chip into a special MIDI mode that will read 'classic' 31250 Kbaud MIDI data on a UART pin and act like a synth/drum machine (there are dozens of built-in drum and sample effects)!

As the chip is very difficult to solder and needs a lot of extras, the VS1053 solder on a breakout board, perfect for use with an Arduino and other microcontrollers that doesn't have CPU power to decode MP3 format.

The breakout just fit onto a breadboard with still one row available on the breadboard for the wiring. The board is chip with a 3.3v and 1.8v regulator, ferrite beads and analog filtering to provide a quality analog output. There is also a microphone input that can be wired as line-in or mic to record compressed audio. The 8 GPIO are broken out and have built-in 100K pulldowns. So the GPIO are maintained to the ground, connect then to 3.3V via an push-button to activate the GPIO. The board includes a microSD connector to play music from a SD card.

As many microcontroler use 5V logic (as Arduino), the board include level shifter, so the board can be used with any 3V or 5V power/logic!

For each order, you will receive a fully assembled and tested board. Some 2.5mm pinheader and a stereo jack are also included  but not soldered on the board. You can solder the pinHeader to use the breakout with solderless breadboard. The jack can be solder on the board if you need to wire the VS1053 to headphones or an amplified system!

The board include a 220µF stereo blocking capacitors on the output. This means that you can plug the output into headphones or a stereo without risk of damage.


  • Tutorial for Arduino (Adafruit, English)
    Demonstrates everything about this library: playing music from the SD card, using the GPIO pins as input/outputs, playing music using an interrupt (so it's in the background), using the VS1053 as a MIDI synthesizer (no SD required), and recording Ogg vorbis audio from a microphone/line-in to SD.
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