Touch board PRO kit
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Touch board PRO kit

A complete kit with Electric Paint, Touch Board and components to jump into the creation of interactive project

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Quickly discover the interactive painting with this ultra-complete kit

The Touch Board Pro Kit includes all you may need to create interactive wallpaper, new generation's musical instruments or talking murals with a kit build around the Touch Board and Electric Paint. The Touch Board Pro Kit would offers all the ressources and tools to prototype your projects.

The kit includes Four great components to help you in creating faster than ever:

  • Touch Board Proto Shield: offerting more connexion options.
  • Pre­‐printed Electric Paint sensors: allows you to start testing immediately
  • Copper tap: to connect sensors over long distances
  • Resource Guide: includes tips, tricks and techniques (in english)

LEVEL: Electronics Beginner (14+ Year) to Programming Pro

The kit includes Electric Paint, this electrically conductive paint allows you draw ahdesive conductive thread on almost every material including paper, plastic, textiles and conventional electronics. You may learn more about Electric Painting from the 10ml Electric Paint Tube or 50ml Electric Paint Can product sheet.

The kit also includes the Touch Board which allows you to transform your Electric Painting creation into an interactive project. With the Touch Board, you can connect your Electric Painting to the 12 electrodes of the board to trigger MP3 sounds, trigger MIDI note or even mode. Advanced user would find well-documented code and libraries to reprogram the Touch Board with Arduino IDE. See the Touch Board product sheet for detailed information.

Bare Conductive - example of usageDesigners and Engineers

Test sensors and build prototypes. Follow our extensive tutorials to help you tune our hardware to your needs. Create a painted MIDI instrument or a custom gaming interface.

Studio PSK’s Polyphonic Playground created a large scale space where every surface was a musical interface.

Bare Conductive - example of usageCreative Agencies

Use Electric Paint and the Touch Board to make an interactive retail space, or immersive environment. Add sound, lights and more.

Visitors to Dalziel and Pow’s Future of Retail triggered sound and projection through screen printed graphics.

Bare Conductive - example of usageArtists

Bring your work to life. Paint, screen print or stencil Electric Paint onto almost any surface. Prototype interactive spaces, installations and activations.

Contours, by Fabio Lattanzi Antinori mapped the presence of visitors to a dynamic soundscape.

Bare Conductive - example of usagePrinted Sensors

Printed Sensors are precisely screen printed with Electric Paint and coated with a clear seal on top, making them smudge and water resistant. Printed Sensors can be bent to create 3D sensors or cut into custom shapes to fit your project. Each Printed Sensor has 16 exposed (unsealed) nodes, which can be connected to a variety of boards and clips.The intricate pattern on the Printed Sensors has been specifically designed and tested by us for touch and proximity sensing projects. They’re perfect for testing your ideas quickly, without needing time to design your own pattern, or waiting for Electric Paint to dry.

Bare Conductive - example of usageTouch Board Protoshield

The Touch Board Proto Shield provides an easy and robust way to add functions to your Touch Board, and a multitude of ways to connect to your electrodes. It features screw terminals for wired connections, a convenient ground plane for using shielded cable, a prototyping area and all pins brought up to the shield for your project.


  • 1 x Touch Board
  • 1 x Electric Paint 10ml Tube
  • 1 x Electric Paint 50ml Jar
  • 3 x A5 Printed Sensors
  • 1 x Touch Board Proto Shield
  • 1 x Header Kit
  • 1 x 15m Copper Tape
  • 1 x MicroSD Card
  • 1 x MicroSD Card Reader
  • 1 x Micro USB Cable
  • 10 x Crocodile Clips (colours vary)
  • 1 x Resource guide
Data sheet