Touch Board from Bare Conductive
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Touch Board from Bare Conductive

Turn touch into sound and make any surface interactive

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Create interactive project with the Touch Board and electric paint

The Touch Board will help you to create interactives projects. It is ready to use out of the box.
See this présentation video available on YouTube.

Create sensors with the Touch Board’s 12 electrodes and trigger sounds through its MP3 player. Attach wire or electric paint to the Touch Board's electrodes and interact with your project. Even better, Touch Board can be used to create a MIDI piano, an interactive wall, interactive stairs, a proximity sensor, even a keyboard (HID Device)... depending on your need. One Touch Board, a million possibilities!

By using the cross‐platform Bar Conductive's plugin installer, you will be able to load code example with Arduino IDE. This feature will be very appreciated by Arduino's developers. With the Touch board you also have an Arduino's compatible board with onboard tactile & multimedia capabilities.

The Touch Board can be used with protoshields, crocodile clips, copper tape, solder, e‐textiles and with Electric Paint to design your own sensors.

Not sure where to get started? Take a look at the Touch Board Starter Kit. It comes with all the materials and ideas you need to get making today!

LEVEL: Beginner to Expert Engineer

Bare Conductive - example of usageGetting started is easy

The Touch Board comes pre-programmed with an audio guide that takes you through basic features and highlights of the board. This tutorial below will get you up and running in no time.

See the online tutorial at Bare Conductive.

Bare Conductive - example of usageCapacitive touch and distance sensing

Want to paint an interactive wall? The Touch Board is for you. Connect something conductive – like our Electric Paint – to any one of the 12 electrodes and turn it into a reliable touch or distance sensor. Use the tutorials below to see the power of the Touch Board’s sensors in action.

Proximity Sensing with the Touch Board.

Visualising the Touch Board sensor performance

Bare Conductive - example of usageTouch Board and Arduino IDE

The Touch Board is easily programmed via the Arduino IDE. Use the tutorial below to get our libraries and example sketches on your machine instantly. Tune your distance sensors, play MP3s or make an amazing MIDI controller. It’s just an upload away.

The Touch Board offer a R3 connector. By programming the touch board, you can make it interacting with the real world in many other way than just sound and capacitive touch.

Programming the Touch Board with Arduino

Bare Conductive - example of usageChange the Touch Board MP3's files

Your Touch Board will arrive programmed as an MP3 player. Want to switch our audio guide for your favourite tunes? Just follow the straightforward tutorial below. Want to use the MP3 functionality for another project? Great. Our libraries make it easy to control your files.

Loading your own MP3s onto the Touch Board

Bare Conductive - example of usageAn hackable Midi Controler

The Touch Board is the most flexible MIDI controller on the market. Turn any thing, any surface or any space into a USB MIDI controller. Take a look at the tutorials below to get your Touch Board connected to Ableton Live and Max/MSP in just a few steps.

Using the Touch Board with Ableton Live

Using the Touch Board with Max/MSP

Touch board and arduino world

As mentionned, the Touch Board is already preprogrammed but you can use Arduino IDE to push your own sketch that extend the possibilities over the Midi, MP3 and touch features. Indeed, the Touch Board uses an Atmega 32U4 as regular Arduinos.

The Touch board also offers an Arduino R3 connector with some free pin and customisations possibilities for some other pins already used. See the Touch Board Shield Guide on Bare Conductive.

R3 connector on Touch Board

As detailled in the Touch Board shield Guide, it can also been used with shields.


For each order, you will receive:

  • 1x Touch board
  • 1x microSD card
Data sheet