Thermistance NTC 100K
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[T] - Thermistance NTC 100K

NTC 100k Temperature Sensor (Thermistor)

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Enclosed in its glass bubble, this thermistor makes it possible to raise frankly high temperatures.
NTCs are used in OrdBot and RepRap 3D printers to take the temperature of the Bed (between 80 and 110°C) but also of the Hot-End which reaches 210 to 230°C.

This type of thermistor can be used between temperatures of -40°C to +350°C.

Technical details

This sensor is a thermistor... and therefore a resistance which varies according to the temperature. The glass ball NTCs have the following characteristics:

  • 100K Ohm at 25°C
  • Faster response (in time) and better accuracy 
  • Better stability, since the chip and pin junction is literally melted
  • Good resistance to mechanical stress 
  • Small size, lightweight and affordable
  • Mass produced, favoring the fidelity of measurements between the different elements 
  • Operating temperature between<: -40 to +350 degrees Celsius 
  • Thermal constant (time): less than 5s 
  • Can be used at high temperatures and in humid environments 


See the assembly plan among the product images.
We resumed the assembly of an NCT100K as used on our OrdBot Hadron 3D printers.
The thermistor is used with a voltage VCC = 5 volts, a resistance of 4.7KOhms and a polarized capacitor of 10µF.

The output plugs into an analog input on your Arduino.

Data sheet
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