Prototyping Components pack
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Prototyping Components pack

Component pack for prototyping and workshop

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A components kit to start your prototyping activities

LEDs, passive components, transistors and switches... awesome! This component case is the perfect companion for beginners makers in learning electronics with Arduino (or similar platform, or even your PyBoard).

This kit will be a valuable companion when you need to realize a project. It contains many of the most popular components as well as prototyping elements, all available in a case in which you can dive as soon as you need it.

Kit contains


  • 1x - Storage case with clip closure
  • 1x - Half size breadboard
  • 20x - Connectors dupont male/male 75mm
  • 10x - Connectors dupont male/male 150mm


  • 5x - Green LEDs diffuse 5mm
  • 5x - Red LEDs diffuse 5mm
  • 1x - RGB LED 10mm diffuse (common anode)

Capacities - condenser

  • 10x - 1.0µF ceramic capacity
  • 10x - 0.1µF ceramic capacity
  • 10x - 0.01µF ceramic capacity
  • 5x - 10µF 50V ceramic capacity
  • 5x - 100µF 16V ceramic capacity


  • 10x - Resistance of 560 ohm 5%
  • 10x - Resistance of 1K ohm 5%
  • 10x - Resistance of 10K ohm 5%
  • 10x - Resistance of 47K ohm 5%


  • 5x - Diodes 1N4001
  • 5x - Diodes Signal 1N4148
  • 5x - NPN Transistor PN2222 TO-92
  • 5x - PNP Transistor PN2907 TO-92
  • 2x - Linear voltage regulator 5V 1.5A - 7805 TO-220
  • 1x - Linear voltage regulator 3.3V 800mA - LD1117-3.3 TO-220
  • 1x - TLC555, 555 timer, wide range of voltage, low power


  • 1x - Photo resistance
  • 1x - Thermistor (version for Breadboard)
  • 1x - Vibration sensor (vibration sensor switch)
  • 1x - Potentiometer for breadboard de 10 KOhms
  • 1x - Potentiometer for breadboard de 1 KOhms


  • 1x - Piezo buzzer
  • 5x - Tactile switch 6mm
  • 3x - Switch for breadboard - SPDT
  • 1x - Male connector of 40 pins (pin Header)
  • 1x - Female connector of 40 pins


Although it contains 30 wires of prototyping, this kit deserves a wires complement... To can work comfortably.  
Among the available material, we could suggest:

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