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BH1750 shield for LOLIN Wemos D1 - Ambiant light


Ambiant light sensor

  • Lux: 1 to 65535 Lux
  • I2C Interface
  • Version: v1.0.0

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Light sensor (lux) for Wemos D1

This shield uses the BH1750FVI (BH1750) ambiant light sensor allowing a reading in Lux between 0 and 65535. This sensor can be connected to the I2C bus of Wemos D1 (pin D1 for SCL and D2 for SDA) in order to read the brightness .

The Wemos uses the Arduino library and Arduino example code to test the use of this shield.

It is possible to split the board to extract the sensor which will then be connected to the board using 4 wires. You can use a wire ribbon like this to place the sensor on the outside of the case.


The shield with the ambiant light sensor (BH1750) and a male connector section to connect the shield to the Wemos. Wemos, OLED screen and other elements not included.

Technical details

  • I2C Interface (default=0x23 or alternative=0x5C)
  • Brightness: 1 - 65535 Lux.
  • 2mm mounting hole, separable by design
  • BH1750FVI datasheet
  • Compatible DPS310



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