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WS2812B RGB shield for Wemos D1 View larger

WS2812B RGB shield for Wemos D1


  • LED Neopixel for Wemos D1
  • WS2812B digital LED
  • Up to 16.777.216 colors

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Neopixel digital LED for Wemos D1

Based on the WS2812 digital LED, also called NeoPixel (you may find lot of them on our shop and various shapes)  this shield allow you to add smart display, feedback or animation to your wemos D1 project.

It operates with 5v and use D2 pin (pin also used for the I2C bus) to send digital information to the data to the LED. This shield only use a single LED but you can have many of them on your Wemos D1 (see our NeoPixel category). The library used to control those WS2812B (under Arduino IDE) is easy to learn (see the ressource section)


The RGB LED shield and a section of male pinHeader to plug it on the Wemos.



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