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Adafruit's Trinket NeoPixel Goggle Kit



Kit for the Trinket's powered NeoPixel Goggle

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Adafruit's NeoPixel google powered with Trinket

One of the most popular Adafruit's Trinket projects now available as a kit!  Make your very own programmable Google with NeoPixel rings (2 x 16 LED rings) and the tiny Adafruit's Trinket. It even comes with a rechargeable LiPoly battery + the LiPo charger. It's a great kit for easily build this coolest accessory.

Thank to the Adafruit's Kaleidoscope Eyes tutorial, you can follow the assembly instructions to create this wonderfull costume Google using a pair of NeoPixel Rings and power them with an Adafruit Trinket. The LED rings fit perfectly inside 50mm round goggles and the kit includes a 3.7v 150mAh LiPo and an Micro Lipo charger so you can run the battery and charge it all while contained in the goggles themselves.

These are fairly easy to put together and should take around an hour to make.  You'll need some basic soldering and hand tools to install the JST connector on the bottom side of the Trinket and connect your NeoPixel rings. The soldering is easy and is possible to do by beginners, its a 1-2 hour project (30 minutes if you are a kit-making expert!).

You'll also need a classic USB Micro B cable to program the Trinket. The USB cable can be found here on our WebShop.

Use them with care

They look great, but we don't recommend putting the goggles over your eyes when they're all lit up since the lights can be bright and the goggle lenses can be hard to see out of. However, the goggles work great for costumes/accessories when they're put on top of your forehead!



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