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GPIO EXPANSION ribbon 40 pins for Raspberry Pi


Move the GPIO away from 10 cm

  • GPIO 2x20 pins
  • Male connector + Female connector
  • Raspberry-Pi

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A GPIO ribbon to move your HAT away of 10cm from your Raspberry-Pi

100% made for Raspberry Pi's with 40 pins GPIO

This ribbon is made for a Raspberry Pi modèle B+ with 40 pins  GPIO (not compatible with Raspberry Pi B).

The RaspBerry Pi® does have a 2 x 20 pins connector soldered on the board - such pins are GPIO (general purpose input/output) which is the best interface for the makers :-).

When programming your Pi, you can change a pin state to "high" or "low" (logic level for 1 and 0 ), send data over the I2C and  SPI, as well as getting access to 3V & 5V.

This cable makes 10 cm long and replicate the GPIO away from the source GPIO.

Great to move a HAT or display HAT away from the Raspberry-Pi GPIO, so it will offers lot of flexibility for manu application.

Note: Raspberry and board not included.


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