Mini RGB AZERTY keyboard - ergonomic - Wireless
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Mini RGB AZERTY keyboard - ergonomic - Wireless - Riitek X8

AZERTY Keyboard

  • Rii Mini X8
  • back light RGB keyboard
  • Touchpad
  • Scrolling roulette
  • Ergonomic Wireless (radio)
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The ultimate wireless multimedia mini keyboard!

With the X8, our Riitek's friends does offer an nice upgrade of their Rii mini i8 multimedia wireless keyboard. The X8 is still as good as the Rii Mini 8 but this version includes includes a RGB backlight, a scrolling roller and a smart keypad (detecting one or two fingers).

Do you wish to add a mini-keyboard to your multimedia système, your Raspberry Pi under Kodi or OpenElec? Be sure that the colorful backlight of the X8 will impress your friends while this wireless keyboard is still compact and ergonomic.
The Rii mini X8 is very pleasant to use but not designed to long encoding session.

The X8 AZERTY keyboard is a WIRELESS device, the soft touch of the keys is very nice. The X8 also have a touch pad (with adjustable sensitivity) used to control the mouse device. Plug it on a media sustem (OSMC, OpenElec) and the X8 became a formidable remote control working as well as a keyboard than a mouse. The "sleep" mode does improve the battery life and the keyboard automagically get reactivated when pressing a key.

In order to avoids all the compatibilities/configuration issued by the bluetooth technology, MCHobby did selected a keyboard having its own reception USB dongle (stored inside the battery compartment). Once the USB key inserted into the computer or nano-computer or media-center, this wireless devices is detected as a keyboard + mouse. Great:  no issue with operating systems and drivers.

The X8 is ready to use as soon as the wireless communication is established between the dongle and the keyboard (this may requires one second or two).
The keyboard use the 2.4 Ghz radio frequency to communicates with the receiver doggle (included with the keyboard). The receiver key is detected as a keyboard and as a mouse by the operating system, this is tge reason why such keyboard are so popular. 

The indicator LEDs would inform you about the keyboard status:

  • when it is time to recharge the keyboard battery,
  • when the battery is fully loaded (the keyboard can communicates up to 10m),
  • when the

The battery is charged with the USB cable included with the product. The keyboard does fit a micro-usb port on the bottom (4.2v-5.05V, 700mAh).

Tested and working perfectly with the Raspberry Pi: using a single USB slot for the mouse and the keyboard.
If you want to use this keyboard with the Raspberry, it will be necessary to configure the operating system to fit Azerty keyboard layout. See this tutoriel (wiki MCHobby) show the various steps, internet also have many pages on this subject.

Technical details

  • Working current: <= 60mA
  • Sleep current: <= 15µA
  • Weight: 112.5gr
  • Size: 138 x 96 x 23mm


  • X8 keyboard with AZERTY layout
  • USB receiver key (2.4Ghz, this product is not a Bluetooth keyboard).
  • USB cable (to recharge the battery),
  • Lipo battery.
  • User manual


Computers (Windows - Mac - Linux), Mini PC (Android - Beaglebone - Raspberry Pi), Smart TV (except Sony et Samsung D series, EH)., Console (PlayStation 3 - PlayStation 4 - Xbox 360 - Xbox One). CFR: manufacturer's information.

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