Pi Zero MINIMAL pack
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Raspberry-Pi Zero W V1.1 MINIMAL pack

  • Raspberry Pi Zero W
  • mini HDMI to HDMI connector
  • Micro USB to USB A connector
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The minimal start pack with the Pi Zero W v1.1

The Pi Zero W did became the nano computer the most interesting this last year. The perfect tools to develop embedded projects or electronic hacking solution.

You can do a lot with your Pi-Zero but there is a minimum of material needed to make it working easily. Using an HDMI monitor requires an adaptater, using a USB device requires an OTG cable.
With the minimal kit for your Pi Zero W, we propose the reasonable minimum to start your Pi Zero W without headache.

Plug a combo keyboard+USB, a monitor or TV on the mini HDMI, insert your own SD card with the operating system then plug the 5V power supply and Goooooooo!


For each order, you will receive:

  • A Pi Zero W v1.1
  • a mini HDMI to HDMI converter
  • a micro USB to USB type A (to wire external devices)

Useful add-on

Recommended accessories

We also strongly recommend some additionnal parts and pieces to make your Pi Zero computing experience easier.

  • A Pi Zero Enclosure - Keeps your Pi Zero safe. We have several models of enclosure on the shop.
  • A Pi Zero Protector - The Pi Zero Protector beep your Pi Zero safe while handling with this simple sandwich-style acrylic case. Very handy for prototyping :-)
  • USB Powered Hub - a powered hub like this one allows you to plug in any kind of USB devices without overloading the Zero's power supply. (You can also, ironically, power the Zero from the hub itself by plugging in a micro USB cable into the hub)
  • Mini Wireless Keyboard with Trackpad - Requires only one USB port, which makes it a great match for the Pi Zero. We have several models: the standard one, the ergonomic keyboard and the  fabulous multifunctions keyboard.
  • Wired Keyboard + Mouse set - like this combo keyb+mouse ideal for everyday use but may requires more than one USB port.
  • Cobbler - the Pi Cobbler or T-Cobbler can be used with the male or female 2x20 pin header soldered on the Pi Zero. With them, you can use your Zero with a breadboard to connect sensors, LEDs, motors and more!
  • Ethernet Hub and USB Hub - would add USB and wired Ethernet support to your Pi Zero!
Raspberry Compatibility
Zero / Zero W
512 MB
CPU Frequency
1 GHz
BLE ?.??
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