Conv. HDMI - VGA
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HDMI to VGA converter

HDMI to VGA converter to connect your Pi to an old VGA monitor  

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Convert the Raspberry-Pi's HDMI output to VGA monitor

If you have a computer, tablet or HDMI device (such as Raspberry-Pi B or B PLUS) and need to connect to a projector or monitor that has a VGA input, then you have come to the right place! 

This adapter has a standard HDMI plug on one side and a standard DB-15 VGA connector on the other (it has hexagonal bolts that you can remove if your VGA plug already has its own bolts). There is also a 3.5mm audio Jack on the side that provides audio output (HDMI cables carry both audio and video signal). You may need an VGA DB-15 male/male cable (not included) to connect this adapter to your monitor! (such a cable is available at Media Markt at an affordable price).

This product is added to our WebShop for our Raspberry range. 
We tested this product with our Raspberry-Pi and an old VGA monitor that we still had at our disposal (see photographs). The image is clear and sharp. To use it with Raspberry-Pi we suggest to edit config.txt (/boot/config.txt) to set the parameter "hdmi_safe=1" for best results (otherwise, the Pi might not "recognize" the device/ HDMI display and provide the signal to the composite output).   

Note 1: Delivered with an adapter + 1 audio cable of 1 meter of Ion (3.5mm audio plug). 

Edit config.txt of Pi

Option 1:

The easiest way is to insert the SD card of your Pi on your computer and modify the config.txt parameter, save it and restart your Pi. 

Option 2:

You can also use an SSH session from your computer to edit the config.txt file with 'sudo nano config.txt'. It then remains to reboot your Pi with 'sudo shutdown -r now'. 

Use with Noobs

Noobs enthusiasts will be happy to learn that you do not need to modify the config.txt file.
Type 1 on the numeric keypad after the Noobs boot (Thanks Mr Jean-Louis :-) ).

Our Raspberry Pi tests

We tested this adapter with our Pi and a Raspberry Pi model B 512Mb. 
We focused our efforts on VGA rendering and left the audio output aside (Pi having its own audio output). 

Here are the resolutions obtained on our old cathode monitor (see product image). 

  • 640x480 60hz standard with only 'hdmi_safe=1'
  • 800x600 by adding the parameters 'framebuffer_width=800' and 'framebuffer_height=600'
  • 1024x768 by adding the parameters 'framebuffer_width=1024' and 'framebuffer_height=768'

Unfortunately we could not push our tests further... but the resolution of 1024x768 is very honorable for a VGA converter.

Feel free to share your own experience, we will be happy to complete our product page.

Technical details

  • Body of the adapter: 57mm x 40mm x 17mm
  • HDMI connection cable: 150mm long
  • Standard HDMI plug (to connect directly to the Pi)
  • Standard DB15 VGA plug (female, to connect the VGA cable of your monitor)

Diverted use

Although this product has good overall compatibility with computer hardware, we have tested and added this product to our WebShop for use with Raspberry-Pi. 
We do not claim to sell this material for general computer use.

In order to avoid any misunderstanding: thank you to keep in mind that if you make a purchase out of the frame we have planned, we can not provide support type PC, nor assume the consequences of your choice. Thanks for your understanding.