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Raspberry Pi 3 A Plus CASE - official case


Case for Raspberry Pi 3 A Plus - Official case from Raspberry-Pi foundation

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A beautiful Raspberry Pi 3 A+ case, glamour design and curves

After the release of the Raspberry Pi 3 A+ offering the Pi 3 B+ power and the WiFi connectivity (great for retro-gaming and embedded project), here is the official case to use with it. The case to put your Pi 3 A+ in security.

There is a plenty of Pi 3 B+ case but very few case for the Pi 3A+ so the official Raspberry-Pi foundation case is really welcome. This case is designed with nice curves and official colors (white and rapsberry)... humm beautiful!.

The case does have a removable cover, so you can gain acces to the inner component.

The Pi 3 A+ connectors are availables via opening in the case (USB, microUSB alimentation, HDMI, jack Audio/vidéo et microSD).

Please note that no opening exists for the GPIO ribbonCamera and DSI (official display) ribbon. You will need to create your own openning for those ribbon.

To resume, it is a great case to protect your Pi and taking care of its look.
The anti-slip pads will keep you Pi secure on you desk.


The official Raspberry Pi 3 A+ case made of 2 items (the base and the cover) and the anti-slip pads. Raspberry Pi, Hat and cables are not included (just used to show how to use the case)


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