Explorer HAT PRO for Raspberry Pi
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Explorer HAT PRO for Raspberry Pi

Raspberry-Pi's prototyping Hat

  • 4 inputs 5V tolerant and 4 outputs 5V,
  • 8 touch inputs,
  • 4 analog inputs,
  • 4 colored LEDs,
  • 2 H-Bridge,
  • Small breadboard
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Explorer Pro prototyping tools for your Raspberry-Pi

The Explorer Hat Pro from Pimoroni will be an exceptional companion for prototyping ad hacking session with the Raspberry-Pi!

On the Explorer Hat Pro of Pimoroni, there use a lot of inputs and outputs, touch inputs (capacitive), some LEDs, analog inputs and two H-Bridges would bring your projects to the next level. Great to drive motors, use analog motors, interfacing with 5V systems and the best of all : having a touch interface (working with fingers or to wire with alligator clip on conductive objects).

Note: The Raspberry-Pi visible on the picture is not included (it is only to illustrate the usage of the hat)


  • 4 x 5V tolerant inputs (buffered input)
  • 4 x 5V Output (up to 500mA)
  • 4 x tactile buttons (capacitive pad) + 4 x capacitive pads (to plug alligator clips)
  • 4 x color LEDs (red, green, blue, yellow)
  • 4x analog input
  • 2x h-Bridge to drive two motors (up to 200mA per channel, software PWM)
  • Connectors to get easy access for the useful GPIO pins (I2C, SPI, PWM, Serial, PWM).
  • A mini breadboard on the top!
    170 connection points (17x5)

More details:

  • 5V tolerant inputs - input point allowing to connect 5V logic signal on the Raspberry-Pi (like an Arduino Uno/Leonado or Trinket 5 volts). Pimoroni did used a buffer having 5 channels working with a voltage from 2V to 5V.
  • 5 Volts outputs - the board use a darlington array (power transistor) allowing 500mA per output channel (however, you will be limited to 1 Amp max on the board). Quite nice to wire motors, solenoids and relay.
  • 8 capacitive inputs - four inputs in the front of the board that can act as touch input (labelled 1, 2, 3, 4) and four inputs on the side of the board to attach alligator clip on objects to experiment (like fruit or aluminium sheet)!
  • 4 color LEDs - LEDs that can be controlled individually (red, green, blue and yellow) very useful as status indicator.
  • Complete Python library - documentation and examples - see the Pimoroni Python library available on GitHub. It contains example, docs and introduce the Explorer Hat Pro. The python library is available on GitHub.
  • Sources available on github.com/pimoroni/explorer-hat
  • Explorer Hat Pinout (GitHub Pimoroni, English)