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11mm Raspberry-Pi spacer set


2 x Spacer Raspberry-Pi - Hexagonal - Black Brass - Top 11mm - Metric 2.5

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11mm spacer to secure your HAT on the Raspberry-Pi

HATs are great interface cards for Raspberry-Pi. The HAT is connected to the GPIO... but the only drawback is that the "mechanical" stability of the whole is ensured by the only GPIO.
But hey, that was a thing of the past because now we propose 11mm high spacers that will also support your HAT. You understand, it is a product developed for Pi-Hat.

This spacer is made of black brass M/F of 11mm high. This spacer is ideal for holding Pi accessories in place when using a high GPIO connector (such as our Pi stacking Header), so you can keep both cards well separated from each other.

This spacers can also be screwed together to support multiple HAT. 

For each order, you will receive 2 spacers and two nuts.

Raspberry Pi and Pi TFTs are not included!

Technical details

  • Dimensions (one spacer): 16mm body x 6mm
  • M2.5 screw (on both sides)
  • Weight (one spacer): 2.5g



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