Kit de démarrage Boson pour Micro:bit
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Kit de démarrage Boson pour Micro:bit

Micro:bit - Kit Boson avec capteurs

  • Adaptateur Micro:bit
  • Connectique rapide (Gravity)
  • 8 Modules
  • Lego compatible
  • Aimant
83,49 € (TVA incl.) 69,00 € (TVA excl.)
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Boson starter kit for Micro:bit

micro:bit is a pocket-sized microcontroller designed for kids and beginners to learn coding and electronics, letting them easily bring ideas into DIY digital games, interactive projects and robotics.

To explore even more possibilities with micro:bit, we have now combined it with DFRobot’s Boson modules, a set of modularized electronic blocks, suitable for every child to start their hands-on journeys of creation.

Example of Boson modules

DFRobot’s Boson starter kit for micro:bit includes 8 well selected modules, covering most popular digital (coloed in blue) and analog (colored in green) sensors and actuators, supporting sound, light and motion interaction. Modules communicates to micro: bit via 3-Pin interface and are perfectly compatible with Microsoft MakeCode JavaScript online Editor and Python Editor.

This kit requires a Micro:bit (not included). You will find the Micro:bit here on our shop.

About Boson

Boson modules are connected through flexible cables with unifying 3-Pin headers, requiring no soldering. This classic design ensures the simplicity and stableness of both signal and power transmission, meanwhile keeps away from reversed connection and short circuit.

How to use Boson

Boson modules are magnetic. They can stick on a whiteboard, fridge, or other magnetic objects In a snap.
Each boson module comes with mounting plates that compatible with Lego blocks and screws.

See this page for more information about Boson modules.

The Boson extension for Micro:bit

This kit includes the extension board for the Micro:bit.

Boson / Gravity interface for Micro:bit

Technical details

  • Module Input/output Voltage: 3.3V
  • Maximum Current: 500mA
  • MicroUSB Power Port Voltage:5V
  • Working temperature: 0-60 ℃
  • Size: 250*190*57 mm
  • Weight: 492 gr


For each order, you will receive:

  • 1x micro:bit expansion board for Boson kit
  • 1x Red Push Button
  • 1x Red LED Light
  • 1x Rotation sensor
  • 1x Sound Sensor
  • 1x Motion sensor
  • 1x Mini Fan Module
  • 1x Mini Servo
  • 1x RGB LED strip
  • 1x Micro USB Cable
  • 1x 3-Pin Cable (Long)
  • 1x 3-Pin Cable (Medium)
  • 1x 3-Pin Cable (Short)
  • 1x Quick Start guide


The DFRobot product page contains many information and tutorials about this product

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