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MAKERbuino - console + kit inventeur


MAKERBuino Kit Inventeur

  • MAKERbuino non assemblé (en kit)
  • Carte SD de 128MB avec jeux préchargés
  • Convertisseur USB-vers-Serie (pour programmer votre MakerBuino)
  • Composant pour programmation Arduino avec MakerBuino

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Le kit MAKERBuino offrant une console de jeu 8 bits + environnement d'apprentissage Arduino

Here is the famous unassembled MAKERBuino kit (Game Boy alike) as describe here togheter with a set of components to discover electronic prototyping with Arduino.

With this kit, you will be able to assemble you game console from scratch, your own 8 bit game console also compatible with Gamebuino and its vast game library. You will also been able to develop your own Arduino Sketch using the MAKERBuino devices and the I2C port exposed by the console game. This I2C bus can be used to add extra components like the included GPIO extender (PCF8574) or add your own BMP280 Barometric sensor (or BME280BME680 for environmental sensing), ADS1115 Analog Input, ADXL345 digital accelerometer, , BNO055 - 9-DOF Absolute Orientation IMU, LSM9DS1 - 9 DOF - Gyro/Accel/Mag + Temp breakout. Adding an expansion like the Adafruit SeeSaw would offer a variety of I/O to your Arduino project.

Combining console peripherals with physical sensor can lead to creative Arduino experimentation, creative tool (eg: electonic compas, level) or creative games interacting with the wolrd :-)

The kit will requires 5 to 6 hours to build (Age 11+). some basic soldering skill and assemblies is required to assemble the kit. MAKERbuino was designed to make the assembly process as easy as possible.

More information about MAKERBuino.


For each order, you will receive the basic MAKERbuino kit, you will have all the needed components to build and program your own game console.

The kit also includes the following items:

  • Half Size breadboard (400 points)
  • The PCF8574 GPIO Expander (pdf, Texas Instrument)
    8 bits Input/Output with 3 adrress bit (allow up to 9x PCF8574 on the same I2C bus to control up to 72 I/O).
  • 9x 6mm pushbuttons
  • 40x 10cm dupont jumper wire Male-Male
  • 40x 10cm dupont jumper wire Female-Female
  • 2x 5mm RGB LED, common anode, diffused
  • 22x 100 ohm resistor, 0.25W
  • 4x 10k ohm resistor, 0.25W
  • 4x 5mm LED kit (red + green + blue + yellow + white)
  • 2x Fast flash RGB (with integrated controler)
  • 3x 10k potentiometer
  • 2x IRF540N MOSFET (power transistor)
  • 2x LDR (photoresistor)



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