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Kit console pour ODroid XU4


Créer une puissance console de jeu avec un ODROID-XU4 or ODROID-XU4Q

  • Un boîtier personnalisé pour votre XU4 + disque dur personnalisé
  • Un afficheur LCD en face avant (pour affichage personnalisé)
  • 4 port USB pour contrôleur de jeu
  • OGST - ODroid Game Station Turbo

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Créer un puissante GameStation à 8 coeurs avec le kit OGST pour ODROID XU4

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The dreams product for Retro-Gamers! This is a kit to build your own Odroid Game Station Turbo console (OGST for short) propelled with the powerful ODROID-XU4 (XU4 or XU4Q).

The case is designed to stylish the old school game console and mould into to offer a very nice finish. That's really a great design style!

This kit allows you to wire up to 4 USB joystick like the extraordinary GameSir G3w joystick(tested on the kit) or more common USB gamepad.

The console also include a 2.4" TFT mounted on the front panel. This LCD can be used to show custom content (displayed by programs) like animated game logo.

The front panel also offers 2 buttons: one for the power control and a second one free for use (programmable by the user).

The box did reserve enough space on the bottom of the case to store an 2.5" USB HDD. A gargantuan storage space for ROMs and emulators.

Do not hesitate to visit the OGST wiki to get more information about this kit, assembling, os installation, etc.

This product is a kit!

This product is a kit to build a game console around an XU4 you may already have. The following products must be purchased separately: Odroid XU4, Power Supply, the optional Hard drive, the eMMC or SD card to store the operating system, USB joysticks.

OGST - ODroid Game Station Turbo

ODROID GameStation turbo is an ODroid XU4 image for entertainment.

Including Kodi, the project was designed as a gaming image for retro gamers and children but did rapidely evoluate far behind that.
OGST is now more than a retro-gaming solution since it is also a full desktop and entertainment system offering the following capabilities:

  • A full environment desktop made around MATE Desktop
  • Web browser
  • Music listening, watching movie (KODI)
  • Play games
  • Office working
  • Programming

The X11 server offers 3D acceleration allowing you to run 3D games and hardware accelerated applications.

MATE Desktop du système OGST

Emulation Station can be used as Front-end

EmulationStation comme Front-End pour OGST

The XMBC/Kodi offers a Rom Collection Browser allowing to switch easily between gaming et movie watching from within the same interface.

Naviger dans le ROMs de Jeu depuis XBMC/KODI

You may learn many more from this topic on the ODroid forum.

Technical details

  • Works with ODROID Game Station Turbo (OGST) Operating System Image
    See ressource section
  • LCD 2.4" to display programmable game logo animation
  • Four front USB ports - for convenient USB joysticks connection
  • Power: typical 250mA under 5V (for the LCD and USH Hub)
  • Easy to embed a 2.5" HDD (not included) to store your huge ROM collections
  • Two front buttons: Power switch and user programmable switch
  • Dimensions: approximately 180 x 65 x 150mm
  • Weight: ~250 grams


  • The case (made of 2 parts, the top and the bottom)
  • The front board with 2.4" LCD + 30-pin flat cable
  • An USB 2.0 cable (to wire the front panel USB on the XU4)
  • Cover for USB-port
  • Rubber feets
  • Screws
  • An USB 3.0 extension cable (if you want to use an optional 2.5" USB hard drive)

Elements du kit OGST pour ODroid-X4

A. Dessus du boîtier
B. Dessous du boîtier
C. Carte LCD pour OGST-XU4
D. Câble d'extension USB 2.0
E. Câble plat 30-broches
F. Couvercle pour les ports USB
G. Ensemble de pieds
H. visses
I. câble d'extension USB3.0 (pour le disque dur externe de stockage 2.5")



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