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DC Power Shield for Wemos D1


  • Input voltage: 7 to 24V
  • Max Current: 1A
  • Reverse polarity protection

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Power your Wemos project from DC Power source

This shield can be used to power a Wemos project from DC power source like wall power bloc or battery pack from 7V to 24V DC. The shield is hold a 5.5mm power jack identical to Arduino one's (center positive). The jack is replicated on pads allowing to connect a terminal bloc (for direct power source wiring). The terminal pads can also be used to retreive the power supply source to power the remaining of the project (eg: some higher voltage motor).

The board includes a diode to protect the boards against an accidental reverse polarity. You can jump the diode by sorting the J1 jumper (to reduce the minimal voltage needed to run this shield).

Behind the protection diode, we have a MP2359 step down switch converter. This converter can supply up to 1A at 5V to the Wemos project. The MP2359 is able to provide peaks of 1.2A.


The DC Power shield and a section of male pinHeader to plug it on the Wemos. The barel jack is already soldered on the board. The package also includes a terminal block that can be soldered next to the barrel jack.



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