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Lithium battery Shield for LOLIN Wemos D1


  • Lithium battery 3.3 to 4.2v
  • Boost power suppy 5V 1A max
  • Charging current: 1A max
  • version: 1.3.0

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Create a portable Wemos D1 project with this battery charger et power boost

Powering a project from Lithium battery is really nice to make it portable. Add a lipo to this board and it will boost the output voltage to 5V (1A max). With this shield you could power your project from a LiPo battery (you may find lot of them on our shop and with various shapes). Plug the shield to a 5V power source (via the Micro USB connector) and the LiPo start charging.

The shield hold 2 LEDs:

  • Green LED: light when the battery is charged.
  • Red LED: light while charging.

It is possible to monitor the battery voltage via the analog pin A0 (wired via a 130K resistor, see schematics). You can cut the J2 jumper to retreive full usage of the A0 pin for your project.

By default, the LIPO is charged at 500mA rate (so a 500mAh Lipo minimum is required). You can increase the charging rate to 1A by closing the J1 jumper with a tip of solder (so a 1000mAh minimum Lipo is required in this case).


The battery shield and a section of male pinHeader to plug it on the Wemos. Battery not included.



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