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Hans 555 soft toy



Hans soft toy in the shape of a Timer 555 [ON DEMAND]

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Hans soft toy in the shape of a Timer 555

Hans is the oldest of the Adafruit plush companions. Hans tends to be a bit nervous and often indecisive. Hans often changes his mind and has a tendency to oscillate from one extreme to the other. Otherwise, Hans is very precise and very meticulous; he does not compromise, preferring to remain in a very stable position until the moment when he is called to change state. Hans will not exist with the voice of an old German-Swiss man and his slogan is "it might ..., or maybe not."

About the 555:

The 555 is a so-called "timer" integrated circuit designed by Hans Camenzind in 1971. It consists of two threshold triggers, a two-state flip-flop ("RS flip-flop"), and an output stage ("output buffer" ). The 555 offers a simple and reliable way to create a rectangular wave with adjustable frequency and pulse (by changing the value of external components).


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