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USB 2.0 OTG cable - USB A Host to microB USB


USB 2.0 OTG cable - USB A Host to microB USB

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USB OTG microB cable to USB host type A

This cable look like a standard USB cable but it's not an standard USB cable!
Instead of a male USB plug, you have a female USB A socket allowing you to connect USB peripheral on the cable.

This cable is designed to be used as "Host for OTG peripheral" (OTG means "On the Go").
You can find OTG on Arduino DUE, Raspberry Pi Zero, ODroid and many tablets. This allows you to connect mouse, keyboard and other USB peripherals. You still need to have the appropriate driver to been able to use the peripherals. This cable is just "a cable", it does not include any electronic components.

On the ODroid-C1+ and ODroid-C2, you can use this cable to append an additional USB port on the board (just by connecting this cable on the microUSB port).
This technics cannot be used with a Raspberry Pi 2 or Pi 3 because the microUSB is only used for power supply lines (there is not any data lines wired on the Pi's micro USB connector).

Technical details

  • USB 2.0 OTG cable
  • Length: 100mm approx.
  • Color: White or Blue or Black (depending on supplier)


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