Spudger - double side openning tool
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Spudger - double side openning tool

Spudger Openning Tool

  • Double side
  • 175mm
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Spugder: the greatest opening tool

There were a missing tool into my toolbox, it is the spudger  ! You said what? A s-p-u-d-g-e-r ?!?! ... I know, it's unpronounceable..

It is a very practical exploration and disassembly tool. Once you have it, you use it almost as often as your screwdrivers.

This stainless steel tool has a relatively long flat (and rounded) part, a cross between the flathead screwdriver and the knife. This is very practical for opening clip boxes while avoiding damage to the parts.

The other end has a more pointed shape allowing the spudger to be inserted into gaps that are more difficult to access or requiring a pressure point to half-open the case parts. Once half-open, turn the spudger over to continue the operation with the flat part (so as not to damage anything inside).

As this tool does not have a sharp edge, it avoids to quickly damage the boxes when trying to open (not like a knife, key or screwdriver).

Technical details

  • Double-edged spudger / prying repair tool
  • Good for opening a wide range of devices, with minimal damage
  • Nice knurled handle for a good grip
  • Nickle-plated steel, very slick and strong!
  • Pointed prying end for better access to small gaps
  • Flat head prying end for wedging gaps open
  • Length: 175mm
  • Diameter: 5mm
  • Weight: 19gr

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