HifiBerry DAC+ - ADC Input
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HifiBerry DAC+ - ADC Input

Raspberry-Pi audio hat with onboard audio INPUT (ADC)

  • Audio output: DAC+ @ 192 kHz - Stereo
  • Audio input: ADC @ 192 KHz - Stereo, Pre-amplifier available, gain configurable
  • RCA output
  • Jack Input
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The Raspberry-Pi with high quality sound + audio input (ADC)

*** traduction ***

The HiFiBerry DAC+ board are well known high quality audio board with, now an additional audio input, the feature asked by the community since longtime already... Finally, an audio input.

Without surprise, it is still the HiFiBerry DAC+ appreciated by audiophiles joined together with a high resolution ADC (analog input) capable to make samples at 192 kHz/24 bits.

The audio input can be used with a large variety of input voltage,the board will offer the best when used with a "line-level" audio output (like a CD reader).

The DAC input can also be used with active microphone. As it is a DAC input, you can then connect two microphones on the board.
As the microphone signal is very weak (very low), it will be necessary to activate the DAC pre-amplifier by setting the jumper in an appropriate way (see the tutorial section).

  • Only the active microphones can be used to record voice, and be used with the ADC input (the microphone requiring to be powered by the cable cannot be used with the DAC).
  • The sound recorder on the ADC is not automatically played on the DAC output, some piece of software would be needed to transfert the data from the input to the output.

This ADC input would offer many possibilitiesto Audio projects:

  • Use the Pi as audio processor. That would be great for musicians and interactive audio projects.
    The Zynthian's project users already use the HiFiBerry DAC+ with their Zynthian. Zynthian est un module synthetiseur open-source offering multiple effects, multiple audio engine, handle multiple USB midi peripherals. See the zynthian.org website for more information.
    It is also possible to create audio Audio processor by using the MOD-UI project.
  • Create a Karaoke machine. As the audio input support stereo lines as well as pre-amplifier options, which allows to wire two microphone to play Karaoké with your best friend :-) )
  • Connect your "Amazon Echo dot" audio assistant on your Raspberry-Pi. This assistant is one of the most popular but its audio quality is a bit disappointing. Thankfully Echo dot does have a quite better audio output on the jack. So you can wire your assistant to the DAC input of the DAC+ADC. In such way, you can have a great amplified audio output using only one audio systeme.

This would required a Linux 4.18 kernel on your Raspberry-Pi, please, see this article for upgrading your kernel. You can identify the current kernel version by using the following command:

uname -a

Technical details

  • Hat for all the Raspberry-Pi version (having a 40 pins GPIO)
  • High Quality - 24 bit/192 KHz, DAC Burr-Brown for the best audio qualité.
  • Audio volume controlled by hardware.
    The volume can be controled with "alsamixer" or any application compatible with ALSA Mixer.
  • Input balance support with the XLR connector (see the technical datasheet)
  • Powered by the Raspberry-pi.
    No need for an external power supply
  • Ultra Low noise voltage regulator for optimal audio performances
  • EEPROM included to automate the configuration (with write protection).
  • Requires the Linux kernel 4.18 on your Pi (dixit HifiBerry)
  • Weight: 20 gr
  • Size: 55 x 65 x 10 mm
  • Datasheet (HifiBerry)


Data sheet