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16Go Class 10 Max2Play HiFiBerry Premium

Max2Play Premium OS - micro SD 16Go Class 10 - HifiBerry

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Max2Play is a DIY solution ideal for Hi-fi enthusiast and people loving music.
With Max2Play, your Raspberry-Pi nano-computer get transformed into a powerful Media Player able to connect on internet radios, play music from your network attached storage, external USB disk - anywhere, anytime! Even simultaneously in multiple room at the same time (if you wish it). Max2Play get popular thank to its plugins capability, new features are added on regular basis on Max2Play. With this OS you have 30 add-on with 10 add-on reserved to the Premium members.

We suggest to use Max2Play with a HiFiBerry DAC+HiFiBerry DIGI+ or HiFiBerry AMP+.

This product is also available as kits: kit Max2Play AMP+ and kit Max2Play DAC+.


This product is a Class 10 micro SD card of 16Go burned with Max2Play and the HiFiBerry plug-in.
This includes the Premium license for 1 an.

What's inside the Max2Play Premium?

With the premium version:

  • You can use all the premium plug-ins
  • You have a special access to beta testing.
  • You help Max2Play in offering better software
  • You had support on the Max2Play forum (English)
  • You will receive e-mail with the Max2Play news (every 3 months)

Among the plug-ins, 10 of them are reserved to MAx2Play Premium (this product), by example:

  • Bluetooth plug-in
  • Raspberry Pi Touch Screen configuration
  • Multi-squeeze (run several instances of Squeezeltie)
  • Protection of the SD card
  • FHEM plug-in
    FHEM is mainly used in home-automation but also for other tasks and notifications.
  • Access Point plug-in
    With this Max2Play plug-in, Max2Play can act as a WiFi router.
    This is very handy to get an autonomous player system and use it as Airplay peripheral without using the home's WiFi router.
  • Audio output settings (Raspberry PI) and CPU performance options
  • ...

The Max2Play plug-ins (, English)
LMax2Play page hosting the details of the Premium version (, English)


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