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30A relay module, Grove


Relay module 5V 30A

  • Grove connector
  • Digital interface
  • Câble inclus

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A high power relay module ready with  opto-isolated entry

Here is a Power Relay Module that can be controlled from an Arduino or a Raspberry-Pi. Ready-to-use module for your projects with optocoupler protection (to totally isolate the power circuit of your control circuit) allowing the control of more powerful devices in complete safety (like a ventilator, a water pump, a motor, etc). 

It has a TTL compatible input, which allows to connect it directly to a digital output of your Arduino, Raspberry-Pi.
Compatible 5v and 3.3v for control, the module must be powered by 5V capable of providing the 200mA required for the activation of the relay. Use an appropriate power source (the Arduino controller is limited to 350mA max). So remember to use a 5V power source (see our range of power supplies).

It also includes a LED type indicator, to know if the relay module is active or not and a second indicator to know if the block is under voltage.

The power grid - Caution

Using this extension exposes the high voltage part of your mount to accidental contact. Making connections on the power grid is not without risk and some accidents can lead to serious burns, even death in the most severe cases! 

So you have to be careful.

If you don't have high voltage skills or if you're not sure, don't hesitate to call someone with it.

Once your mount is finished, it is better to place it in an environment to avoid any accidental contact (ex: a hermetic case provided for this purpose)

Technical details

  • TTL compatible input. Can be connected directly to a digital output from Arduino or Raspberry-Pi. Entrée compatible TTL.
  • LED indicators for:
    • Green: module power supply.
    • Red: relay status (activated or not).
  • Activation configuration:
    • on High Level (default, jumper on H) or
    • on Low Level (placing the jumper on L)
  • Terminal block for power stage (common, normally open contact + normally closed contact).
  • Power stage: 250V 30A/30V DC 30A (indicated on the relay)
  • Order stage: 3 terminals
  • Activation current of the ribbon: 190mA
  • Operating current: 5mA
  • With DC+ relay power supply =5V
    • Activation current with 5V signal = 3.5mA
    • Activation current with 3V signal = 2.12mA
  • 4 Fixing holes: 3.1mm. Spaced 44.5 x 27.5mm

Note that this module can also work under other supply voltages:

Supply voltage = 5V

  • Static current: 5mA
  • Max current: 190mA
  • Control current: 2 à 4mA
  • Low Level activation voltage (set to LOW): 0-1.5V
  • High Level activation voltage (set to HIGH): 2.5-5V

Supply voltage = 12V

  • Static current: 5mA
  • Max current: 80mA
  • Control current: 2 à 4mA
  • Low Level activation voltage (set to LOW): 0-4V
  • High Level activation voltage (set to HIGH): 4.5-12V

Supply voltage = 24V

  • Static current: 5mA
  • Max current: 50mA
  • Control current: 2 à 4mA
  • Low Level activation voltage (set to LOW): 0-8V
  • High Level activation voltage (set to HIGH): 8.5-24V


The relay module has a 3-pin connector.

  • DC+ : to connect to a 5V power source
  • DC- : to connect to ground/GND
  • IN : Control pin, to connect to a digital output of your microcontroller


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