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CrowPi - Learning kit for Raspberry-Pi


CrowPi a portable learning kit made for the Raspberry-Pi

  • CrowPi BASIC kit
  • For Raspberry Pi or Pi Zero (not included)
  • Case
  • 7" touch screen 1024x600
    Integrated to the case
  • Power supply
  • Freat for STEM learning, electronic, programming, Scratch, etc

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An innovative approach to discover technologies and STEM at school

The CrowPi is a Raspberry-Pi's based educational tool, designed to learn programmings, electronics, programming and the basic of computer science. Lot of poeple did used the CrowPi in learning area and it get lot of good reviews.
The great thing about the CrowPi is that is use the very popular Raspberry-Pi and embeed it into a portable case with all of the good stuff needed to create an autonomous learning plateforme (for an affordable price).
Activités autour de PiCrow

The computer science and programming are seen as essential skill for the 21th century and are learn from primary schools. Combined to electronic skills offered by the CrowPi case, the student will be able to create many useful devices for used daily life and for industrial application as well.

Some examples are: weather station, automatic lighting with PIR, line tracking robot car, radar, etc. This knowledge can lead to advanced project like IoT application, robotics projects, AI.

Case details

Détail du contenu de la valisette CrowPi

1 ABS case 16 Stepper motor interface
2 2 MegaPixels camera 17 Tilt sensor (detect vibration, SW-200D)
3 7" toucj screen 1024x600 18 Infrared sensor
4 Power circuit 19 Tact sensor (TTP223, capacitive sensor)
5 LCD Display (via a MCP23008) 20 Humidity sensor (10 to 90%, DHT11)
6 4x7 segments display (via HT16K33) 21 Relay
7 Vibrating motor 22 Buttons (matrix array)
8 LED matrix (MAX7219) 23 Directional buttons (up down left right)
9 Light sensor (BH1750) 24 RFID module (MFRC522)
10 Buzzer 25 Raspberryy Pi's GPIO functionnality selector
11 Sound sensor 26 breadboard
12 Proximity sensor (PIR, LH1778) 27 Place for the Raspberry-Pi
(non included)
13 Ultrasonic sensor 28 Indicator LEDs for the GPIO
14 Servo moteur interface 29 Holder for HDMI screen
15 UART 30 Microphone


For each order, you will receive the following content.

Attention: this product requires a Raspberry-Pi to work. We suggest the usage of a Raspberry-Pi 3 or higher but il will also work with a Raspberry-Pi 2 or a Pi Zero.

Contenu de la kit PICROW basic

  • The CrowPi case (Raspberry-Pi non inclus) with screen and prototyping electronic
  • A RFID tag and board (the the RFID reader)
  • A touch pen
  • A jack connector (right angle)
  • A stepper motor
  • A servo-motor
  • an IR receiver + remote control
  • An USB reader for microSD card
  • A preloaded 32Go card
  • A GPIO ribbon to connect the Raspberry-Pi
  • An HDMI connector (to connect to a ribbon)
  • Button caps
  • Screw + screwdriver
  • User manual (in english)


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