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Google AIY Voice Kit for Raspberry Pi


Vocal assistant for the Raspberry-Pi 3.

  • Extension Hat + microphone board
  • Cardboard box + Speaker + button
  • RVoice recognition + python app to handle commands
  • Voice recognition for your own project
  • Control a LED
  • Control a servo
  • Control a DC motor
  • User Guide (in english)

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Control your project with voice and "Google AIY Voice" kit

Have you ever dream to control your robot with your voice? Or may be send an email without using your hands? Perhaps you just want to know the weather prediction. Ask to your new friend : the Google AIY Voice Bot!

This kit does not requires any soldering add a Raspberry Pi 3 (+sd +power supply) and turn the kit into a smart home assistant!

With this kit, the maker bring the do-it-yourself artificial intelligence to its own maker projects. The AIY Voice Kit from Google allows you to:

  • Create a standalone voice recognition system by using the Google Assistant
  • Add voice recognition (and natural language processing) to your Raspberry Pi project.
  • Control output (eg: LED, Motor, Servo Motor) from the voice recognition

The kit includes all of the components needed to assemble the basic kit that works with the Google Assistant SDK as well as on-device voice recognition with TensorFlow.
This project includes a card box but you can print your own 3D box from thingiverse.

Recommended items (not included)

To build this kit, you will need the following additionnal items:


The kit include the following items.

  • Voice HAT accessory board - fully assembled
  • Voice HAT microphone board - fully assembled
  • Standoffs (in plastic)
  • A speaker (with wires)
  • A push button (Arcade style) + 4-wires button cable
  • 5-wire daughter board cable
  • Cardboard box (External box and internal box)
  • Lamp
  • Micro-switch
  • Lamp holder
  • Manual: The MagPi Essentials - AIY Projects


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