Noobs Pi 4 - 32Go microSD card - Panasonic
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Noobs Pi 4 - 32Go microSD card - SanDisk

32 GB card pre-formatted

  • Approved by Raspberry-Pi Foundation
  • Noobs Operating System
  • Raspberry Pi 400, Pi 4, Pi 3, Pi 3 B+
  • SanDisk EDGE A1 Class 10 U1
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The Out-Of-The-Box Operating System for Raspberry-Pi on a SANDISK 32 Gb U1 Class 10, approved by the foundation

Here is a 32 GB Class 10 card with Noobs (compatible Pi4, Pi3, Pi3 B+, Pi 2). Noobs is the easiest way to test a variety of operating system on your Raspberry Pi4, Pi3, Pi3 B+ and Pi 2. Available on a 32 GB class 10 card, you can easily boot one of multiple OSs from: Raspbian, Pidora, Arch, XBMC, Arch Linux, OpenElec, etc. Noobs displays a menu that allows you to select the OS you want to start.

This card features a specially compiled version of Noobs to support the all-new Raspberry Pi. This environment works very well and has enough place to exploit simultaneously several OS!


  • Raspbian - Pi 4 Edition
  • OpenELEC - Pi 4 Edition

Other Pi 4 OS will comes shortly.
Pi 3 should still benefit of :

  • OSMC
  • Windows 10 IoT Core
  • Arch Linux
  • Pidora


For every purchase, you will receive a 32 GB (class 10) micro SD card with Noobs pre installed.

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