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LOW PROFILE Stacking Header 2x20 for Raspberry Pi


Pin Stacking header 40 pins for:

  • 8mm connector (housing)
  • 10mm male pin
  • The Raspberry-Pi GPIOs (all versions)
  • The ODroid N2 GPIO

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2x 20 pins LOW PROFILE connector for the Raspberry-Pi's GPIO (or the N2)

Stacking several shield/plate, breakout, etc on a Pi is not easy if you don't have a proper stacking Header. This Pin Header is cut for the Raspberry-Pi with low profile female connector (to fit on the GPIO 40 pins of the Pi) and long pins (male) to connect a ribbon, another "shield", a Pi-Cobbler PLUS, etc.

With this connector plugged in the GPIO of the Pi, you must use a HAT or pHAT board otherwise it may get in contact with the Ethernet or USB ports. With the 8mm housing, the board will stay higher than the jack plug and the camera connector.

The 2 x 20 pins are extra long, 9.7mm, which means that there is still 8mm when a card (1.5mm thick as standard) is "installed" on the stacking Header... So what to connect another connector :-).

Contains: only the stacking header, sold without Raspberry Pi used for illustration purposes


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