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Raspberry Pi 4 1Gb Essential Pack (Pi 4 inclus)


Le Raspberry-Pi 4 1Go is no more available at the foundation and now replaced with  Raspberry-Pi 4 2 Go

Starter Kit made of:

  • A Raspberry Pi 4 1Gb of RAM
  • One Official PSU 5V 3A (Type C)
  • A Micro SD card 16GB (unformatted)
  • A micro-HDMI -> HDMI converter

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Le Raspberry-Pi 4 1Go is no more available at the foundation and now replaced with  Raspberry-Pi 4 2 Go

Raspberry Pi 4 Kit with 1Gb of RAM to start quickly 

The all-new Raspberry-Pi 4 brings many technical revolution, new power supply, new connectors, ...

Nouveautés du Pi 4
This kit contains the essential elements to start quickly with the Pi 4 without forgetting anything essential.
The different elements have been selected with care to ensure the performance of the Pi 4 and the promise to not forget anything essential.

This kit doesn't contain a case (the Pi 4 has changed form factor), we strongly advise you to choose a case for Pi 4 here to protect it from accidental contacts.  

We know it is always possible to offer entry-level products at an unbeatable price but what is the point of offering poor quality products?

We are deeply convinced that we will all be losers if you are disappointed with your purchase.

Thus, we decided to preserve the essential that is to say the vital elements of quality (hence the name of this pack).

Use for the Pi 4 with 1Gb RAM

All the uses you where doing with a 1Gb Pi 3 model. 
The field of applications is already very wide!
It will be suitable for the following uses:

  • Learning to computer.
  • Learning electronics.
  • Embedded projects.
  • Basic Media center (4K gold) as did the Pi 3.
  • Use with two screens (4K gold).
  • File server and Network service (ex: NAS)
  • Retro-gaming with basic platforms (as with the Pi 3)
  • Audio Station (ex: with volumio) using HiFiBerry cards.

Although the Pi 4 is 1Gb of RAM supports 4K, keep in mind that the video memory is shared with the system memory... and that the more the video output will consume RAM (rise in resolution) and the less it will remain for the application. Thus, for a sustained 4K operation, we will rather recommend models with 2 and 4Gb of RAM.  

What is this kit made of?

  • The Raspberry-Pi 4 of course. Its 4K outputs, four cores and 1 Giga memory, Gigagit Ethernet, USB 3. In short a power monster for a nano-computer. 
    See our product sheet Raspberry-Pi 4 1Gb here.
  • A power supply 5V 3A USB type C which holds the road. This Raspberry-Pi comes with a new power connector capable of supporting a current of 3A (USB micro B is limited to 2A). We propose a power supply set at 5.00 Volts capable of delivering 3A... enough to support the requirements of the Pi 3 (it is that integrated WiFi and Bluetooth is power hungry).                                                                                   See here for more information..
  • A micro SD card of 16Gb UHS class 10. If you want to explore the possibilities of the Pi 4. This card type UHS (Ultra High Speed) in class 10 will ensure higher speeds and better access times.
    16 Gb is ideal for installing Raspbian (Official OS) or Noobs.
  • A micro-HDMI to HDMI converter (with a cable of 1m long) because the Pi no longer exposes standard HDMI port but micro HDMI ports, which allows to place two on the card! Don't hesitate to buy a second micro-HDMI to HDMI conversion cable if you want to use a 2nd monitor on your Raspberry-Pi 4. See here for more information 

This pack doesn't include a case but know that we offer several models on our WebShop, remember to protect it to avoid accidental short-circuits. 

Stock, real!

We only sell on physical stock. When you place an order with MC Hobby, you will be delivered without having to wait for an indecent time. 


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