ARGON ONE M2 Alu passive case for Raspberry-Pi 4
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ARGON ONE M2 Alu passive case for Raspberry-Pi 4

Aluminium case  for Raspberry-Pi 4

  • Passive case - aluminium
  • Passive cooling + Active cooling
  • Sata M2 support over USB 3
  • 2x Standard HDMI output
  • Shutdown system
  • GPIO access (via magnetic cover)
  • Arrangement of cables at the back
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A passive + active case with M2 Sata support and Standard HDMI output for Raspberry-Pi 4

L'Argon One M2 is a revision of the famous Argon One case now including two majors upgrades as  support for Sata M2 disk (wikipedia) and the video output mapped to  full-size HDMI.... the ARGON cases are passive coling! A great case that will gring the Raspberry-Pi at the next level!

Sata M2 port *** New ***

The Argon One M2 does include an interface board Sata M2 over USB 3 (plug on one's of the blue USB port to Raspberry-Pi 4). The Sata M2 is compatible with UASP (USB Attached SCSI Protocol) optimizing the USB 3.0 transfert rate to benefits from SSD disk speed.

  • Use with M.2 SSD NGFF with key B and key B+M
  • SSD Size NGFF M.2 2280 2260 2242 2230
  • Chipset: ASMedia ASM1153E

Full size HDMI output *** New ***

The second great feature of this case is the full-size HDMI output available on the case (converted from PI's micro HDMI output). This will make the dual monitor setup more easy to setup... and also get RID of the microHDMI to HDMI cable required with the Pi 4.

Always-on mode *** New ***

Argon did also improve the power circuit with an "Always ON" mode that will restart the Pi after a power outage.

Aluminium case

It is a Aluminium alloy case made to drain the heat out of the Raspberry-Pi board as passively as possible.
The finishing is really perfect with a modern design. The gray color offers an attractive appearance to this aesthetic case.

Passive and active cooling

The alloy case act as an enormous heatsink wich exchange the heat with surounding air. The SoC (processor) is put in contact with the case through a thermal adhesive. The dark color of the case is also suited to improve the thermal exchange with the air. The ARGON ONE also includes a fan controled by software, it is also possible to tune the temperature management.

Easy to assemble

Thank to the included user guide, the case is quite easy to assemble. The user guide also include instruction to install the management script which unlock all the advanced feature of heat management granting all management to the user.

Smart cables handling

The case and its extension board are designed to move the Raspberry-Pi's connector on the rear part of the case. Wich offer a great look & feel! This case would find its place next to the télévision!
Cool, someone did finally does it!

Smart shutdown system

Brutal shutdown is a recurring issue with Raspberry-Pi and sometime corrupts the SD card. This case includes a power management button to shut off properly the operating system. That button offers 3 functions: halt, reboot and forced shutdown!

GPIO access

The case will include a magnetic cap to cover the GPIO. The GPIO is fully accessible and GPIO ribon (or other prototyping interface) can be connected to it.

Not for HAT, No Pi-camera

This glorious case would not allow to plug a HAT on the Raspberry-Pi before closing the case.
The camera Pi can't be used with the Argon One case because the ribbon will obstruct the fan.

If you need passive case with such capability you can check the ARGON NEO passive case , that one can be used with a HAT.

Data sheet
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