Cable Audio/Vidéo 3.5mm
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Audio/Vidéo 3.5mm câble

Audio/video cable

  • 3.5mm Jack plug (4 poles)
  • to cinch
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Audio/video cable : jack 3.5mm 4 pôles to cinch

Often called cable camera-video or "camcorder", this cable has a standard 3.5mm jack plug equipped with 4 separate rings RCA plugs. 1.80m long! 

The tip is connected to the white RCA plug, the ring 1 to the yellow RCA plug, the ring 2 connected to the ground of all the RCA plugs and the ring 3 (the base of the plug) is connected to the red RCA.  

In addition to its widespread use for video cameras (also called "CamCorder cable"), this cable is also used to get the Audio and RCA output from the 3.5mm jack plug of the Raspberry-Pi B PLUS

Technical details

  • Length: 1m
  • 3.5mm Jack - 4 poles
  • To cinch: Video + Stereo
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