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WDLabs PiDrive 375Gb - Hard Drive (HDD) View larger

WDLabs PiDrive 375Gb - Hard Drive (HDD)


WDLabs, PiDrive for Raspberry-Pi

  • 375Gb Hard Drive
  • PiDrive cable
  • Pre-loaded microSD card

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PiDrive: the ideal storage solution for Raspberry-Pi

The PiDrives combine a SD card and a USB drive into an ideal storage solution for Raspberry Pi. The microSD is preloaded with custom software which allows you to start creating Raspberry Pi projects with ease and very quickly. The Foundation Edition of PiDrive is available in USB Flash and USB Hard Drive versions. This product is the Hard Drive version.

This product also includes the microSD card preloaded with a custom version of NOOBS (New Out of the Box Software) pre-configured with Raspbian PIXEL and Raspbian Lite. With this OS installer and starter operating systems, you can get started right out of the box. You can also download and install multiple Raspbian OSs directly onto your flash or HDD drive.

The new "Project Spaces" installer included on the microSD card, it is possible tp run multiple operating systems and several projects from HDD drive (or SD Flash). The "Project Spaces" lets you partition the WD PiDrive device into preconfigured workspaces so you can customize the drive to your needs.


  • Low power consumption - the custom recording and electrical system design of the PiDrive reduce the power load of the Hard Drive on the Pi.
  • Low-cost reliability - the PiDrive use the WB Blue HD technology which offers high reliability with minimal cost.
  • Huge space - The Pi Drives offers hundreds of Gigabits to your Pi.


For each order, you will receive:

  • A native USB Hard-drive of 375 Gb (7mm height)
  • 4Gb MicroSD card with preloaded Operating System
  • WD PiDrive Cable


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