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Pi 3 power supply - micro USB 5V - 2.5 AMPS


5V 2.5A power supply with micro USB plug - Official Raspberry Pi 3 PSU - 5v 2500mA!!!!

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Do you need a microUSB plug to power your last micro USB project (Pi 3, Pi 2, Pi B+ and more)? This PSU is able to deliver up to 2500 mA and will be the right product to deliver lot of power to your project.
2.5 Amp is quite enough to power a Raspberry Pi 3 and several passive USB devices.
As the Raspberry Pi 3 does also support a brand new WiFi and Bluetooth interface, a good and strong power and stable power supply is suited to power your Raspberry Pi 3 and its attached USB devices.
This power supply offer a perfectly regulated voltage able to follow the power requirements if Raspberry Pi 3 or Pi 2 project.
The power supply is calibrated to offer 5.0V with a nominal power of 12.5W (so 2.5A) together with a high efficiency (so the power supply only heat a few).
The pin 1 and 5 are the only ones wired on the microUSB plug. It's quite good to power lot of devices but would not be suited to smartphone and tablets requiring specific PSU (like, for example, the "apple" products ;-) ).
Can work between 0 and 50°C, it will draw a maximum of 0.3A on primary input. The AC input voltage goes from 90 to 260V (50 or 60 Hertz).
The cable is 1.5m long.

FCC, CE and UL compliant.


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